Truesdell 360 Unpowered

I started with a 1:1 450-card copy of the 2016 MTGO Vintage Cube with P9 proxies.

After thoroughly absorbing the combined knowledge of the MTGSalvation and r/mtgcube communities I trended away from power and settled on a legacy-like environment that resembled a lot of the more experienced cubers' lists.
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These are changes shawntruesdell has made to Truesdell 360 Unpowered since the last release.
Black Devotion is Back
Jun 8 2019  16:40
I feel like the mono-B aggro deck is a trap at 360 just because I don't have enough black 1-drops to support it if even one gets picked up by another drafter.

Instead, I'm pulling out a couple of the aggro enablers in black and I'm replacing them with a devotion top-end.

Obliterator might not make it into a lot of mainboards, but when that deck comes together it'll be fun!
8 Changes
A bunch of adjustments.
Jun 4 2019  00:36
Squeezing in some more cards from WAR and jumping on the MH1 cards I pre-ordered.

There are also a few changes based on practice drafts to fill gaps or reduce redundancies where I found myself boarding out cards or avoiding them entirely. 
A few minor swaps
Apr 19 2019  20:21
Emissary of Grudges seems more exciting to me, and I found even in +Red control decks Zealous Conscripts just made me sad I didn't have Kiki.

Arena Rector seems like a fun rattlesnake and I felt like Brightling was never the right pick.
4 Changes
Initial Import
Apr 14 2019  20:32
Initial import of cube.
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