pt :: Cubes

Fallen Empires 4 Player Draft

Description: 180 card draft for four people.
Cards: 219

Fallen Empires

Description: A draft entirely of Fallen Empires, which I loved when it was released (and still do). All cards in the set are here, with the really weak ones under-represented.
Cards: 540

Ice Age Block Draft

Description: Intended for group play, this set includes Ice Age, Alliances, Coldsnap, a bit of Homelands, and a few cards in the ice theme from other sets (cards including ice, frost, winter, cold, etc in their names, text, and art).
Cards: 383

Khans 2.0

Description: Taking another whack at a Khans cube with a higher ratio of commons to uncommons and rares. Pack Size 15 Rares/Mythics 1.2 Uncommons 2.9 Commons 10.9 Basic Lands 0.0
Cards: 832

Kitchen Table

Description: This cube is designed to be played as a group game. Cards tend to be higher cost and there is a preference for cards that take advantage of thee being multiple players. The game is played with the monarch rule. I have been working on weeding out cards that slow the game down and encouraging aggressive/interactive play.
Cards: 361


Description: This cube is for simulating drafting packs, with cards being present in almost exactly the ratios of packs. The only cards not present are the fetch lands (replaced by common duals), which makes the entire cube cheaper than a box of Khans (~$100). This cube can be built for ~$90. eBay 4x commons/uncommons as a block, buy an extra set of commons as signles, 2x each rare and 1x each mythic, and an extra set of 2x each common dual lands. Remove any cards you think would be un-fun for draft.
Cards: 857