Frontier Leisure

29 days ago
A low-power cube for multiplayer games between 2-4 players, Frontier Leisure is a massive 600-cards cube that embraces simplicity in card text and complexity in game experience. Inspired by the wonderful Game Night Cube, Frontier Leisure is a low-power cube that strives to represent proper Core Set experience. All cards in Frontier Leisure use the M15 frame, have a flavor separator bar (where applicable), and most importantly—use no overly complicated wording, teach new players how to play and draft, all while maintaining a high level of interactivity between friends and foes alike.
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Least Cubed Inclusions
v.1.0.2 — 281 Changes
Apr 4 2019  14:19
• Mono-color lands removed
• Functional duplicates removed
• Strengthened existing archetypes
• Functionally complicated cards removed (please remember the cube is aimed at newer players)
281 Changes
v.1.0.1 — Artifact Dragons & Sorcery/Instant Blue
Mar 24 2019  17:08

• Omnispell Adept – not enough expensive Sorcery/Instants to allow for this card to thrive.
• Mind's Eye – did not fit with templating requirements.


• Steel Hellkite – a budget colorless Dragon that's great at both offense and defense; it fits a mono-colored archetype of each color (W Fliers, U Artifacts, B Removal, R Dragons, G Power>4).
• Spelltwine – the list was lacking a big, exciting Sorcery/Instant, and Blue had too many permanent spells at the expense of its identity; Spelltwine perfectly showcases what blue is about.
4 Changes
Mar 24 2019  14:37
The first official release of the cube. This list includes 381 Commons (x4 copies each); 156 Uncommons (x2 copies each), and 59 singleton Rares (one of which is Mythic Rare).

Each color gets 2 legendary creatures, and each two-color combination gets an additional Legendary Creature.

Included are 30 copies of dual tap lands, plus one complementary utility land per color (with the exception of U—they get an Artifact land).

186 Changes
remove card edit card tag card remove tag duplicate card
remove card edit card tag card remove tag duplicate card
remove card edit card tag card remove tag duplicate card