Frontier Leisure

A low-power cube for multiplayer games between 2-4 players, Frontier Leisure is a massive 600-cards cube that embraces simplicity in card text and complexity in game experience. Inspired by the wonderful Game Night Cube, Frontier Leisure is a low-power cube that strives to represent proper Core Set experience. All cards in Frontier Leisure use the M15 frame, have a flavor separator bar (where applicable), and most importantly—use no overly complicated wording, teach new players how to play and draft, all while maintaining a high level of interactivity between friends and foes alike.
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These are changes petergenoff has made to Frontier Leisure since the last release.
141 Changes
Reduced Common Artifacts
Jun 19 2019  09:03
- Stone Golem and Eager Construct removed

For some time I've felt the number of Artifact cards is a little too much. Stone Golem proved to be by far the most uninteresting card in the cube, and not once has anybody played it in the main board.

Eager Construct, on the other hand, proved popular with rookie players when drafting, but proved to be a boring card when played. As such, I consider it a "trap" card – one that looks powerful to a new player, but is actually underwhelming. Such cards create disappointing drafting experience for new players, and this on itself warrants its removal.
6 Changes
MH1 + WAR: Further additions
Jun 15 2019  13:58
There was a mix-up with the previous release, so here's an updated version of MH1 and WAR:

- Hunted Wumpus – a card that made no sense whatsoever in the environment of this cube.
+ Mother Bear – a fun, powerful card that teaches about Graveyard interactions and Sorcery speed activated abilities. Cons: Provides yet another type of token, can be a bit complex at common for new players.

- Stratus Walk
+ Arcane Flight – Stratus Walk was included for its reminder text on flying (remember, one of the goals of this cube is to have as much reminder text as possible). However, it ultimately was a clunky inclusion that, while not bad by any means, had a little too much text for a common. Arcane Flight is a simpler design, and costs half as much.

- Archaeomancer
+Spellkeeper Weird – Archaeomancer is a great card, just not for this environment. It is a 4-CMC (of which two mana is UU) 1/2 that is only worth it if you have a good Instant/Sorcery in your graveyard. Spellkeeper Weird fits the slot better – has a better statline, the ability is activated, and is better costed. 

+ Scholar of the Stars – I forgot to add some cards the last time, one of which was Scholar of the Stars. 3U for a 3/2 is not great, but the card strengthens the Artifacts archetype, and has an aggressive enough statline.

+ Jungle Delver – Works great with both Merfolks and +1/+1 counters, and is a 1-drop that can be powerful in the downpowered environment of this cube. Also teaches about battle tricks. 

Removed several cards that had more copies than intended (e.g. Springbloom Druid).
Jun 9 2019  01:39
This release has no description.
87 Changes
v.1.0.2 — 281 Changes
Apr 4 2019  14:19
• Mono-color lands removed
• Functional duplicates removed
• Strengthened existing archetypes
• Functionally complicated cards removed (please remember the cube is aimed at newer players)
281 Changes