naughtrobot :: Cubes

Conspiracy Cube 2.0

Description: none
Cards: 360

3-4 Player Guilds of Ravnica And Newer Cube

Description: 3-4 player cube that only uses cards from Guilds of Ravnica and newer.
Cards: 190

Fallen Empires Cube

Description: I liked the idea of a Fallen Empires cube, so instead of doing work on this, I just copied the list from the user pt.
Cards: 541

Conspiracy: Take the Crown Cube

Description: I love conspiracy drafts and my first introduction to them was through the set Conspiracy: Take the Crown. I'm trying to recreate that experience with this cube, but I suspect that I'll be making changes to it as I figure out which is the best distribution of cards. Currently I run a distribution of three commons, two uncommons, one rare, and one mythic. In the near future I'll be experimenting with increasing the uncomons to three and the rares to two.
Cards: 468