Game Night Cube

The Game Night Cube is an all-in-one multiplayer Magic experience for 2-8 players. It's a custom set cube designed to be something akin to a board game version of a Magic draft: a replayable, self-contained, highly polished product focused on creating a classic draft experience that can serve as an introduction to draft for new players while still offering deep gameplay for veteran players.

The cube features very traditional, back-to-basics gameplay. It’s similar to a core set cube, featuring only evergreen mechanics, an overall lower complexity level, and a few other features which were used to create a draft experience that would be more forgiving to new players. As well, to really give the cube that “board game” quality of cohesiveness and polish, all cards in the cube share the same, most up-to-date templating only.
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Mar 16 2019  23:16
State of the cube as of 3/16/2019.
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