Lands Matter Cube

This cube is going to be based heavily around various lands and lands matter strategies

Draft archetypes:
Cabal Coffers ramp
Landfall (mainly focused in WG)
Cycling (mainly focused in WB with a U splash)
Bant Knight combo
Red Scapeshift combo
Loam decks (mainly focused in RG)
Guildgates (mainly focused in UG)
Dark Depths
Land Denial (mainly focused in RW)
Land Creatures (mainly focused in GB)
Artifacts (mainly focused in UB)
Emeria Control (mainly focused in UW)
Top Draft Picks
Least Cubed Inclusions
Unreleased Changes
These are changes aguyyoukno has made to Lands Matter Cube since the last release.
4 Changes
Added some additional guildgates
Jun 13 2019  17:41
This release has no description.
9 Changes
Some additional cards for creature spam and land control
Jun 13 2019  15:35
This release has no description.
11 Changes
started focus on archetypes
Jun 13 2019  14:27
Added some more cycling cards and a couple of the gate cards
7 Changes
Added some additional cards
Jun 13 2019  14:23
This release has no description.
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