Layabouts, Rav Style

10 guild setup, cards mostly from origins up to present. 
This is almost always drafted in a 4 man ffa pod, so the packs have been adjusted. 

Selesnya Token Wide 
Azor Control 
Boros Fast Aggro 
Orzhov Life Drain 
Simic +1/+1 Counters 
Gruul Ramp/Stomp 
Golgari Aristocrat
Izzet Spellslinger
Dimir Mill
Rakdos Suicide Aggro
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Unreleased Changes
These are changes aeran has made to Layabouts, Rav Style since the last release.
16 Changes
May 27 2019  17:23
I gained some better lifelink cards, and I figured Domri ramps and puts more pressure for gruul than samut (as well as removes the double samut problem I had there). I also received a suggestion that animate dead was too powerful for the cube, so I put bond of revival to tamp it down a bit.
10 Changes
balance adjusts
May 23 2019  01:37
After showing the cube to the discord group, I was advised to put more cheap ramp around green, and alter izzet a bit. I also need to lower the curve for boros aggro, but I'm still working on that.
Mono War!
May 14 2019  03:54
Finally got around to the new war cards
74 Changes
WAR gold/hybrids
May 1 2019  07:07
I'm still working on switching out the mono color stuff, but I'm feeling pretty good about this mix of options. CMC and archetype focus get better options suited for their goals.
Added stuff
Apr 19 2019  14:17
Put in some new upgrades from the latest few sets, ideally buffed up tokens and gave aristocrats another payoff, as well as adjusted the land base a bit.
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