absolotl :: Cubes

Oddball Minicube

Description: 150-card low-power-level minicube designed for Winston drafting. Themes: Weird tribes, odd cards, sweet value combos. • UW: Birds and Other Flying Creatures • UB: Control • BR: Reanimator • RG: Big Mana Shamans • GW: Legends • WB: Aristocrats • BG: Saprolings • UG: Faeries • UR: Minotaurs • RW Token Horde
Cards: 146

Dominaria Autocube Adjusted

Description: Dominaria minus Planeswalker Deck exclusives and Firesong & Sunspeaker. Also removes mythics for a more consistent experience.
Cards: 819

Bulk Box Minicube

Description: I spent an afternoon locked in a room with nothing but a shoebox stuffed with expired Standard cards. This was the result. Designed for a two-person Winston draft. • UW: Fliers • UB: Control • BR: Madness • RG: Ramp 'n' Stomp • GW: Heroic • WB: Aristocrats • BG: +1/+1 Counters • GU: Investigate • UR: Guttersnipe Tribal • RW: Vehicles
Cards: 150