Kleon's Peasant Cube

This is a WIP cube made out of cards I own (so no proxies).

It started out as a peasant cube but when Conspiracy came out I chose to add a few rares that interact with the drafting process. If you ask me I still classify my cube as peasant because I don't think those wonky rares are going to affect the cube environment much.

The asfan of removal is based on Innistrad and Rise of Eldrazi limited formats so that control isn't oppressive but the format is slow enough that it's still a viable option. Does it make a difference considering that the quality of removal is much better in cube than those sets? I think so but it may be just a matter of preference.

I always appreciate feedback and suggestions as this is far form perfect and I am still experimenting with different options, like a more controlling red.

Have a good day :D

Yes this is straight up copied from my cubetutor page
Modern Horizon Update & M20
Aug 9 2019  05:53
On my mind:
• Starting to push for more cantrips
• Probably will have to add a 4 drop in green, I'm not fully on board with Wild Onslaught
• Still no space for Davriel
• Not sure if I want to include Firebolt and/or Reckless Charge to boost spellslinger archetipe
• Now there is no reanimation target completely uncastable by a dedicated ramp deck
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Initial Import
Jul 10 2019  20:57
Initial import of cube.
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