This is a Khans cube, intended to be approximately like drafting packs, with a few tweaks for cube play and price. 

1x each Mythic
1x each Rare
2x each Uncommon
6x each Common

This yields packs with approximately 1 rare/mythic, 3 uncommons, 11 commons.

I removed fetch lands for price and replaced them with a set of triple lands.

To build this, I recommend buying a 4x common/uncommon set on eBay and then the remainder of the cards individually.

If you want to play a smaller cube to have more consistency, I would recommend buying the common/uncommon set, using 4x commons (416 cards), 1-2x uncommons (80-160), and then either add a set of mythics/rares or take a subset you think are the (color-balanced) best and end up with a 540-620ish cube.
Initial Release
Mar 16 2019  23:12
State of the cube as of 3/16/2019.
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