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Battlecruiser group game Eldrazi cube. Work in progress. Cards (mostly?) from Rise of the Eldrazi, Battle for Zendikar, Oath of the Ga...
465 cards
Fallen Empires
A draft entirely of Fallen Empires, which I loved when it was released (and still do). All cards in the set are here, with the really wea...
540 cards
Fallen Empires 4 Player Draft
180 card draft for four people.
219 cards
Ice Ice Baby
Intended for group play, this set includes Ice Age, Alliances, Coldsnap, a bit of Homelands, and a few cards in the ice theme from other ...
460 cards
This is a Khans cube, intended to be approximately like drafting packs, with a few tweaks for cube play and price. 1x each Mythic 1x...
832 cards
Special Cards
1411 cards
Multiplayer Free For All
This cube is designed to be played as a group game with an emphasis on politics. Cards tend to be higher cost, anticipate a slower game, ...
468 cards
504 cards
530 cards
Cube with planeswalkers
49 cards
A Winston Cube.
90 cards