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504 cards
530 cards
Unsorted Cards
Nothing to see here.
622 cards
Khans Box
628 cards
Battlecruiser group game Eldrazi cube. Work in progress. Cards (mostly?) from Rise of the Eldrazi, Battle for Zendikar, Oath of the Ga...
465 cards
Fallen Empires
A draft entirely of Fallen Empires, which I loved when it was released (and still do). All cards in the set are here, with the really wea...
540 cards
Fallen Empires 4 Player Draft
180 card draft for four people.
219 cards
Ice Ice Baby
Intended for group play, this set includes Ice Age, Alliances, Coldsnap, a bit of Homelands, and a few cards in the ice theme from other ...
460 cards
This is a Khans cube, intended to be approximately like drafting packs, with a few tweaks for cube play and price. 1x each Mythic 1x...
832 cards
Special Cards
1411 cards
Multiplayer Free For All
This cube is designed to be played as a group game with an emphasis on politics. Cards tend to be higher cost, anticipate a slower game, ...
469 cards
225 cards
Test 2
185 cards
Group Cube 3.0
Multiplayer environment for 4-8 players. Drafted as 15 card packs with 8 people, smaller packs with fewer people.
541 cards
Ikoria Winston
93 cards
51 cards
54 cards
Cube with planeswalkers
49 cards
A Winston Cube.
90 cards