Enter The Battlefield (270 Pauper)

Call the hordes onto the battlefield, flicker your mages in an instant and sacrifice your minions to unfold your endgame!

'Enter the Battlefield' is the pauper cube that let’s you explore synergies at the common rarity while drafting in a balanced environment with lots of color fixing and interactive spells.

                            Keywords and Strategies:
                                ° Token  (G - W - R) ° 
                           ° Aristocrats  (B - R - any) °
                              ° Flicker  (U - W - any) °

Five cards are placeholders for custom planeswalker cards I designed and are not meant to be drafted:
Totem-guide Hartebeest
Thorned Moloch
Gnawing Zombie
Zephyr scribe
Presence of Gond
M20 + ELD changes Sept. 2019
Sep 30 2019  07:09
This release has no description.
Modern Horizons June 2019 Update
Jun 1 2019  19:58
Lots of interesting additions! Ill add some more info soon :)
May 2019 Update
May 15 2019  07:26
There are just some cards I never really end up putting in my deck. They're good, but they are always the 25th or 26th card:
Ulvenwald Captive is cool because it's two cards in one but seven mana is becoming too much of a long shot in this format. And it's not like you'll be tapping the eldrazi for mana afterwards anyways.
Viridian Emissary is quite similar in reality and it much better fits the theme of the "all-in" golgari archetype that wants to enable morbid and the sorts.
Squee's Embrace and Call of the Conclave are great but they don't support a specific archetype so I want to try out something more instant-speed and interactive.
Black's 4-mana slot it crowded and I dearly want to cut it down but I can't keep avoiding Soulstinger as a versatile beater that sacs a creature on ETB or a removal spell.
The colorless changes are long overdue as Sphere of the Suns and Star Compass enter tapped and only fix to a limited degree.
Scion of Ugin was just too expensive and too plain for this list and until I find a bette replacement, Quicksand will fill the slot.
WAR Additions April 2019
Apr 23 2019  14:24
Some great upgrades and ideas from WAR. Some sac outlets like Ahn-Crop Invader and Spark Reaper need to prove their value to stay in the list.
Initial Import
Apr 23 2019  14:06
Initial import of cube.
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