Yet Another Pauper Cube

Modern border only (not necessarily modern legal), attempting to make a clean, fun, high-power (for pauper) cube.

The low curve is intentional. This is meant to feel a little "low power", but I think the card quality is a lot higher than people are used to. Some colors have distinctly lower curves than others. White/Red < Blue/Black < Green.
ikoria swaps
Apr 14 2020  14:30
This release has no description.
6 Changes
bad card to good card
Apr 13 2020  21:53
Bloodbriar is cute because I like GB aristocrats archetype, but it's just a weak card. Even that deck probably doesn't want this card. Silverback Shaman is a good card.
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theros swaps
Jan 31 2020  05:44
Green was the only color that doesn't have a card I particularly like. If I had to pick a card it would be Relentless Pursuit, but I like it less than Winding Way.
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Needs more auras
Dec 7 2019  19:53
This release has no description.
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old bordered
Nov 9 2019  18:20
I like this card so much, I forgot it breaks the rules.
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