Garbage Fire

This is a "sphere". All the cards in this cube are 100% guaranteed to be objectively bad, in fact many of them come straight from Wedge's "Worst Cards" playlist.

This cube is *not* intended to be the 360 worst cards in magic. There are a lot of truly awful cards that I'm not including here because they don't actually do *anything* like Aysen Highway, Tombfire, Mudhole, Pale Moon, etc. Those aren't fun because there's no creative way to use them to win.

Archtypes I know about:

Suicide Blackdos
Soulshift and Arcane tribal
RG Beast tribal
White Banding tribal
RBu Heckbent
Mono Blue Cumulative Upkeep
Islandhome tribal
BWg Bad lifegain tribal
Self-punisher donate midrange
Turbofrog pillowfort
Morph tribal
Leveler shenanigans
Arcbound clockwork

"If your addicted to cube draft this is the equivalent of being that homeless person that looks for used cigarette butts at the supermarket. You'll get your draft fix but you won't like who you've become as a person."
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Feb 19 2020  04:43
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