Multiplayer Commander Cube

There was a very interesting reddit post recently that proposed an idea of players starting the game with 3 basics in play to make a "tim tam cube" (as the author called it). I saw some real potential here for making a cube that feels a bit more like commander than your traditional cube. So I did some thinking and here's what I came up with:

This is a 4-player multiplayer format where you draft your deck. This is commander and there will be a set of altered commander rules in place:

1. Each player starts the game with 2 Wastes in play. If you have a commander, you may instead use any combination of basics that are within your commander's color identity.
2. You will draft four 15-card packs and your minimum deck size is 50 cards, not including your commander. There is no upper limit to the number of cards you can play (this is a change from regular commander where your deck must contain exactly 100 cards and includes your commander).
3. There is no commander damage. This is up for debate, but I just think that commander damage makes life gain feel worthless and since this is a contained format, we don't need to police infinite life gain against aggressive decks.
4. Starting life total is 30. This is a compromise for the lower power level of this format compared to normal and the removal of commander damage.
5. You may elect to have no commander and your deck has no building restrictions based on the color identity of your commander. You may include any cards in the deck that you wish.
5a. However, if you have elected to use a card as your commander, you may only ever generate mana that is in that commander's color identity. If you were to generate mana of any other color, treat that mana as if it were colorless mana. If you have no commander, arcane signet and command tower are functionally useless.
5b. Specifically, this allows you to include hybrid cards and cards with color identities greater than their color. For example, a deck with an izzet commander can include both Forbidden Alchemy and Boros Reckoner in their deck and find reasonable ways to cast those cards. However, since this deck will never be able to generate black mana, for instance, it will never be able to use the printed flashback ability on Forbidden Alchemy.
5c. To clarify, your commander's color identity is determined normally. Golos, for example, is a 5 color commander.