hamberglar :: Cubes

Pauper Collection
This is the "Pauper Collection" composed only of cards in my "Pauper Masters" set that regularly see play in Pauper. Pauper Masters is a ...
321 cards
Garbage Fire
This is a "sphere". All the cards in this cube are 100% guaranteed to be objectively bad, in fact many of them come straight from Wedge's...
360 cards
Tiny Cube
This cube is 480 cards meant for 8 players to play Tiny Leaders with, roughly divided on these "colors" you magic players like so much. T...
480 cards
Pauper Masters
This "cube" represents a 249 card set with color balance as if it were a booster pack that contains only commons, appropriately called "p...
249 cards
Mono Black Cube
4 player cube where your only choices for basic lands are swamps. Can be converted into a two player battle box. Remove the following:...
180 cards
Yet Another Pauper Cube
Modern border only (not necessarily modern legal), attempting to make a clean, fun, high-power (for pauper) cube. The low curve is int...
360 cards
Vintage Cube
540 cards
Graveyard Cube
58 cards
Mono Blue Cube
125 cards
Multiplayer Commander Cube
There was a very interesting reddit post recently that proposed an idea of players starting the game with 3 basics in play to make a "tim...
68 cards
Battle Box
You know what it is. Land piles are: 5 snow-basics, 5 temples, 1 Zhalfirin Void. One player is allied, the other is enemy. You shar...
94 cards