Battles in the North

Fallen Empires // Ice Age // Homelands // Alliances 
(aka all the cheapest packs circa 1996 or so.)

Really low powered but fun. Auras are decent and combat tricks can swing games. 

Prioritize removal and fixing because they are very limited. 
Oh and don't sleep on Soldevi Simulacrum, my man is a house.

Draft four packs of fifteen cards and build a 60 card deck with a sideboard.

- Diseased Vermin
- Chaos Lord?
- Marhjan?
Aaaand more tweaks.
Jan 12 2020  22:44
No one:

Absolutely no one:

Me: I'm going to up the card count in this cube to 540 because it will be a struggle to even draft it with three other human beings, let alone seven.
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More Tweaks
Jan 12 2020  15:08
This should be good for a bit. I think the cube is in a decent place.
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Jan 11 2020  22:50
This release has no description.
Initial Dump
Jan 11 2020  22:28
Here's the first squeeze
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