glyptonychus :: Cubes

Old School Battle Box
Current Build ((Jan 2020)) - Mana Burn in effect - Tapped blockers deal no damage - Tapped artifacts are 'turned off' Shared libr...
285 cards
Martin Berlin's Premodern Cube
This is a copy of Martin Berlin's rad Premodern cube. I haven't changed anything in the list. If I do, I'll make note of the original...
450 cards
Battles In The North
Fallen Empires // Ice Age // Homelands // Alliances (aka all the cheapest packs circa 1996 or so.) Really low powered but fun. Auras...
540 cards
Old School 360
Unpowered, first draft. When a player drafts Circle of Protection: Red or Red Ward they can choose from any of the five colored Circle...
360 cards
Middle School Cube
First draft, untested, but I feel pretty good about it. The cube is probably too large, but I'll whittle it down over time. For now I ...
540 cards
Revised 180
True kitchen table circa '94 shit Wimps and posers leave the hall
178 cards