450 Peasant

First release
Sep 11 2019  03:17
The initial cube, as currently built in paper. Includes cards up to M20.

Some cards under consideration for Throne of Eldraine, from the spoilers so far:
- Heraldic Banner is just a bomb - an anthem and a mana rock stapled together.
- The {X/Y}{X/Y}{X/Y}{X/Y} cycle has some good options.
- Return from the Clouds for a Regrowth effect?
- Enchanted Carriage is a reasonable vehicle that brings along two bodies. Synergizes decently with the flicker effects as well.
- Silverflame Ritual is solid for the token and other go-wide strategies - permanent buff and potential to just kill while keeping blockers up.
- Beanstalk Giant is a ramp spell and ramp target folded into one.
- Faerie Vandal synergizes both with card draw and the flyer theme.
- Flaxen Intruder is decent artifact/enchantment hate, supports the token theme, and is a flavor win all around.
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