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Exchange Note: The cube is a Guild-Themed cube. Each color pair has its own identity. Have fun :)
Description: WG Go Wide WU Control WR Aggro WB Drain GU +1/+1 Counters GR Rampy Stompy GB Aristocrat UR Spellslinger UB Mill RB Suicide Aggro
Exchange Note: I'm trying to see if UB is a strong enough archetype as it is to justify it staying at card advantage and control, or if I should move it closer to milling. I'm also looking for suggestions as to whether to change my artifact count to allow for more color fixing, or if I should lower it to allow more mono-color goods. Anything is appreciated!
Description: Fun, versatile, and sometimes broken cube. Our playgroup indulges in multiplayer games occasionally which explains some odd choices. Always looking for input on how to improve, always adding, editing, and testing new cards.
Exchange Note: Combos a plenty, but fair decks shine brightly too. Let me know any build-arounds that helped you focus your draft strategy or if i'm missing any big sign posts for existing archetypes.
Description: This is my personal cube that I take with me across California. Formly known as the X-Ravnica Cube, but has been update to the point of fubar. Guildgates are the only lands for now. Players to win in a tournament are offered to sign a g...
Exchange Note: Have at it. Surprise me.
Description: This cube's conception came from the beloved Cycling mechanic. Within it are many cycling cards, and thus cards that react to when you either cycle, discard, or both. Additionally because of that there are a lot of graveyard mechanics as...
Exchange Note: Let me know what interesting decks you come up with!
Description: Power Vintage Cube
Exchange Note: nothing specific, just general feedback
Description: Human Tribal Cube
Exchange Note: New Cuber looking for feed back
Description: Ixalan Block Singleton cube, 360 cards and 24 dual lands. Draft 3 packs of 16.
Exchange Note: Pirates, Dinosaurs, Merfolk, and Vampires, oh my! All color pairs are viable, and I am looking for people familiar with the Ixalan block to draft the less visible decks, such as non-tribal pairs like WU and BG, or any other 3 color combination other than UBR Grixis or WRG Naya.
Description: As the title says, 15 card packs, 6 packs per drafter, 100 card decks (Typically 99+1 commander, but there are a couple partner commanders in here, so 98+2 is doable)
Exchange Note: Yes, its a massive cube, and yes there are actually archtypes in it somewhere. I am missing a couple changes (Carnage Tyrant, A-Trophy going in and the RIX Phoenix). Mostly looking for some ideas to tweak it. No real duals is a choice and one that will be resolved at some point.
Description: 375 unpowered artifacts matter singleton (Blue - Ramp / Control) (White - Aggro/Equipment) (Red - Steal / Sacrifice) (Black - Aggro/Reanimate) (Green - Hate/Pro-Artifacts/Ramp)
Exchange Note: It's a highly synergistic cube so a lot of things are hard to evaluate on their own, but I would especially like opinions on cards that seem too weak or too busted.
Exchange Note: Starter cube with extra cards I have. Just wanted to get an idea of the balance.
Description: Unpowered cube started by pooling cards together with friends.
Exchange Note: Tell me if something seems out of place. Not sure about my golgari and dimir.
Description: Old border 360
Exchange Note: Old border cube

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