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Description: 180 card draft for four people.
Exchange Note: I am trying to turn this into a fun draft, but the set isn't designed for draft. I think it's a work in progress, but does it totally suck? Keep in mind, the power levels are low all around.
Description: This is a Khans cube, intended to be approximately like drafting packs, with a few tweaks for cube play and price. 1x each Mythic 1x each Rare 2x each Uncommon 6x each Common This yields packs with approximately 1 rare/mythic, ...
Exchange Note: This is pretty close to Khans packs (minus fetches), and I'm wondering what would be fun to bring in from other sets.
Description: Intended for group play, this set includes Ice Age, Alliances, Coldsnap, a bit of Homelands, and a few cards in the ice theme from other sets (cards including ice, frost, winter, cold, etc in their names, text, & art).
Exchange Note: I am looking for feedback on how to make this more fun.
Description: This cube supports five large archetypes over three-color wedges: Mardu - Aristocrats Temur - Elemental tribal Abzan - +1/+1 counters, with -1/-1 counter subtheme Jeskai - Prowess/heroic Sultai - Graveyard value
Exchange Note: I am mostly interested in: 1) Do any cards feel way above or below the average powerlevel, to the point of being windmill slam picks? 2) Did you feel there were compelling reasons to play each of aggro, midrange, and control decks? 3) Are the five wedge archetypes adequately supported in each of the two color pairs that make it up? 4) Do you feel like there are interesting picks later in the draft, or do you feel like you are on-rails drafting your archetype?
Description: Cube inspired by the modern format
Exchange Note: Made for 8 players (3x15) and 6 players (4x11). I would like to test the 4x11 draft. 1. Does this feel like modern? 2. Did you feel there is enough support for the archetypes
Exchange Note: This is a cube I'm developing for my playgroup, this is not meant to be powered in anyway and instead I'm going for flavorful and fun. If there is some sort of extreme unbalance please let me know but I'm more so looking to hear if it's a fun draft experience. Heavily inspired by sets like lorwyn, onslaught and innistrad.
Exchange Note: Looking for seeing what cards drew you into the colors/theme and if you feel like any cards were traps or didn't go anywhere
Description: I decided one day to make a cube so I bought a box of m25 opened the packs and made a peasant cube out of it and some other draft chaff I had lying around
Exchange Note: I wanna get people's thoughts on the general balance of the cube, payoff effects for different archetypes, spells to creatures etc. Thanks a lot and happy drafting!

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