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Description: Old border 360
Exchange Note: Old border cube
Description: 10 guild setup, cards mostly from origins up to present. This is almost always drafted in a 4 man ffa pod, so the packs have been adjusted. Selesnya Token Wide Azor Control Boros Fast Aggro Orzhov Life Drain Simic +1/+1 Cou...
Exchange Note: I've updated a good amount of the cards in here, so I haven't had a chance to test them. Let me know if anything seems out of place or if I need better signposts or anything.
Description: Azorius – Tempo, control Dimir – Control, artifact Rakdos – Aristocrat, artifact Gruul – Midrange aggro Selesnya – Tokens Orzhov – Stax, Aristocra Simic – Ramp Izzet – Spells, artifact Boros – Aggro, midrange Sultai - Birthing p...
Exchange Note: Enjoy!
Description: Unpowered but with powered ambitions, this list is a mirror of my paper cube. Many staple and old frame card, which i love. I'm constantly fighting the aesthetics vs power level battle. Power level is around legacy MODO cube. I do not...
Exchange Note: Looking for some feedback on aggro builds. Do old aggro cards feel bad? All ideas welcome tho. Thanks!
Description: Non-singleton cube. The rares/mythics are supposed to be in a separate pool and then added separately to complete 15 card packs (uncommons/commons are shuffled together normally)
Exchange Note: I was aiming for a draft-ish environment, so I broke singleton for commons (x2 of each). Everything else is one-of.
Description: Unpowered 360 from my collection of cards! Two color archetypes with some three color synergies.
Exchange Note: Still trying to get a good balance between the archetypes, some a very well defined some are not! Orzhov, simic, and selesnya are some of the main ones I'm having issues with.
Description: High power level, but nothing truly broken. Emphasis on discoverability and modular cards rather than strict archetypes. Most of the pricey modern border cards are high quality bootlegs.
Exchange Note: Roll the dice
Description: Non singleton, KtK only simulation. I'll be drafting with 3 other people, hence the 5 packs of 9 cards (1r, 3u, 5c). ========== Old info, need refresh 1x of 36 rares 2x of 57 uncommons 3x of 70 commons Old info, need refresh =...
Exchange Note: Do you see enough/too many lands? Are the archetypes supported enough? Is there any card I need to include? Feel free to PM me!
Description: Containing cards that are legacy-legal only, this cube provides a fun and balanced drafting experience around cards old and new, balancing nostalgia with experimentation.
Exchange Note: Unpowered Legacy Cube, with some shenanigans mixed in. Updated through modern horizons.
Description: A 360 card cube aimed for 2-3 players with an emphasis on interactive cards, nostalgia of early magic, and powerful synergy. Each two color combo has a distinct archetype, with other mono- and tri-color strategies mixed in for flavor. ...
Exchange Note: Looking for general feedback on cards to cut/replace. Whether you like the vibe, and some of the lesser used cards/archetypes. Also, what your first couple picks included.

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