Recent Cubes

SourWatercress's Cube
by sourwatercress
1. In progress.
2. Not strictly peasant. Shocks/Checks.
Matt's Old School Battlebox
by glyptonychus
Alpha - Alliances

Updated through March 2019
cube World order (cWo)
by damagedirect
Pauper Cube, featuring commons from Wizards of the Coast's initial implementation of "New World Order" at common - from Zendikar forward.
Frontier Leisure
by petergenoff
A low-power cube for multiplayer games between 2-4 players, Frontier Leisure is a massive 600-cards cube that embraces simplicity in card text and complexity in game experience. Inspired by the won...
New Cube Test
by pieceofbread
Now without Power
Old Bordered Cube
by blakfishy
Old-Bordered Cube featuring cards from Alpha to Scourge. 

Plays with old rules: there are plenty but main are damage on the stack and mana burn.

I've had this cube for six or so years. It has...
nostalgia, ULTRA
by ocron
Old border 360
Mordor's Cube
by landofmordor
A small, medium-power cube in the tradition of the classics, full of nostalgic cards and balanced gameplay.
Mirrodin Infected
by stormcrowstorm
New Phyrexian horrors continue to emerge from Mirrodin's core. The planet is rubble; its forests are ash; its seas are a toxic sludge, and the landscape itself has been scorched and blasted. All th...
Power Cube
by cherudim
Powered Cube, focusing on powerful combos and synergies throughout Magic's history. 
Modern+ Cube
by scorpiongreen
Modern cube favouring synergies over raw power. Likely to "splash" a few Legacy cards in the future to shore-up some weak spots.
ExtendaCube: Multiplayer Cube
by empyclaw
A multiplayer drafting adventure that bends the rules and lets craziness occur. Starting life total is 30. You get the second half of a meld as a free card, and let loose for a wild free-for-all ba...
Yet Another Aether Cube
by tzenmoroth
Cube draft with the twist that games are played with [[Yet Another Aether Vortex]] always in effect. Everything is built around this game changing mechanic.
No limits, no brakes
by kov230
Custom cards, Silver border, Power, anything goes