Twisted Color Pie

This is my Cube submission for the You Make The Cube challenge. It's aim is to give the players a new way to enjoy the 5 colors in Cube.

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Twisted Color Pie

Why are all Cube decks are the same?

I played Cubes built by local players at my shop, I played Cubes built by GP grinders across Europe and I played Cubes built by World Champions during Pro Tours. All these players like Cubes and original Magic experience, but it doesn't matter how many cards you change, how good the players are or what power level you support: all Cubes can be drafted the same way and the decks always feel the same.

What I'd like to achieve with this design challenge is to offer an original way to enjoy the five colors. I want to create new Cube feelings by getting away from what makes all Cube similar: the Color Pie.

Origin of the idea:

Most of the time, both Constructed and Limited decks respect the Color Pie: Red attacks fast, Blue excels at slowing games and Green is about mana acceleration...

But, once in a while, we see a MonoBlue aggro deck winning a Pro Tour, a BigRed that turn to be the best control strategy or a White-Green deck with a fantastic late game.

Players love these unusual strategies, but those are quite rare when it comes to Cube. It's logic considering how most Cubes are built: all colors get their best weapons. The Color Pie is mechanically respected and that's why all decks from all Cube have the same playstyle.

The path I explored to submit an innovative list and propose a different way to enjoy Cube, is to change how the colors feel by preventing them from doing what they do best.

Build choices:

White isn't about Wrath or small aggressive guys, Blue can't really control the game and Red misses its beloved Goblin guide. Each color has one or two main themes and a minor theme.

The balance is almost respected. I counted all gold cards as 0,5 card for each of its colors, I placed cards like Proteus Staff in the Blue pile and I considered that Red players should draft more artifacts than others.

Color profiles:

White: Enchantment, Life - Prison
Blue: Aggro, Tempo - Wizards
Black: Disruptive creatures, Graveyard - Ramp
Red: Control - Artifacts
Green: Aggro - Tokens

Azorius: Prison
Dimir: Creature based disrupt/Card Advantage.
Rakdos: Ramp, Sacrifice
Gruul: Tokens
Selesnya: Auras
Orzhov: Reanimation
Golgari: Recursion
Simic: Self mill
Izzet: Pingers
Boros: Control

A new experience:

As Wrath, Counterspell and Birds of Paradise are out, new staples emerge. Starfield of Nyx is everything White wants to do, Cryptbreaker leads to many archetypes and Basilisk Collar is the best tool for a pingers deck.

To ensure archetype diversity and replayability, there's many “build around me” and hidden gems. Vedalken Mastermind interacts nicely with Shriekmaw's evoke and Standstill. Mass polymorphism is the perfect follow up for Aether mutation, and Mesmeric Orb can power crazy Scrap Mastery or Kessig Cagebreaker turns!

This design exercise was both a challenge and a blast, I hope you like the twisted axis I took!
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