Tribal with benefits

The goal with the cube is to have a tribal cube with loads of posibillity to blend tripes and colours. Landfall and manlands are gonna play a part too.
More or less one for ones to spice things up.
Nov 29 2018  17:13
Spread the Sickness >Ruinous Path
Zombify >Gruesome Menagerie
Woodfall Primus >Bounty of Might
6 Changes
Sep 8 2018  08:42
Added two discard outlets  and took out Fusion Elemetal who is sadly never seeing play.

Death Cultist >Disfigure
Earthblighter >Erebos's Emissary
Grisly Transformation >Olivia's Dragoon
Fusion Elemental >Shuko
8 Changes
Sep 8 2018  08:25
Stonewood Invocation >Scute Mob
2 Changes
Jul 22 2018  13:49
Knight of Sursi >Dauntless Bodyguard
Gather the Townsfolk >Dub
Retreat to Emeria >Kwende, Pride of Femeref
6 Changes
No more treefolks
Jul 16 2018  14:45
Got rid of the trefolk. Added a few elves, a knight and a snake to make it easier to draft those tripes. Added a bit more removal as well.

Verdeloth the Ancient >Stonewood Invocation
Leaf-Crowned Elder >Allosaurus Rider
Timber Protector >Collected Company
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