Totally uncommon cube

I wanted to give myself a pretty hefty stipulation when building this cube. In the end i decided that every card in this cube would be one that was printed at the uncommon level at some point in it's life. 

I love playing with build-around-me uncommons so this cube is intended to be full of powerful synergies in 2 colour pairs (with some amount of overlap between archetypes and some mana fixing to allow for 3 and more colour decks to be a thing if desired) The colour pair themes are as follows:

ug - +1/+1 counters
ub - artifacts
ur - spells-matters
uw - blink
gb - self-mill and graveyard synergies
gr - shaman tribal, beatdown or ramp
gw - tokens
br - sacrifice
bw - lifegain
wr - go-wide aggro

I've been attempting to blur the lines a little more between the colour pairs. I found that they were being incredibly linear and therefore not conducive to a lot of repeat games. Now, hopefully, it is possible to find more interactions both inside each pair and between the pairs (BW tokens or UB sacrifice for example)

Recently, this cube has been living off the rarity changes that come with every masters set - allowing for some more unusual and iconic cards to make it into the 375, even a few legends! 

Hope you enjoy drafting it. Would love more input should anyone have that kind of time or dedication.
overhaul? sure, once more with feeling
Nov 29 2018  07:52
I've been wanting more variety out of the cube and read a great article about having multiple options in each colour pair so I've strived to provide options in each - UB can be artifact or lean more towards reanimator for example, or UR has the ability to be more tempo or try to go big with rise from the tides.

It's been a fun process and I noticed a few things were suboptimal after i'd done so much rejigging (there was no longer much of a go-wide feel to the tokens decks for example)

Telling Time >Riptide Survivor
Storm Fleet Spy >Forbidden Alchemy
Golgari Signet >Mind Stone
Expedition Map >Everflowing Chalice
Chronomaton >Farm // Market
Boros Signet >Sengir Autocrat
Orzhov Signet >Throat Slitter
Shadowblood Egg >Spring // Mind
Simic Signet >Palace Jailer
Sungrass Egg >Elves of Deep Shadow
Grixis Battlemage >Struggle for Sanity
Accursed Witch >Ovalchase Daredevil
Phyrexian Reclamation >Sinister Concoction
Harsh Scrutiny >Nightshade Assassin
Baleful Ammit >Strands of Night
Spire Patrol >Jelenn Sphinx
Lightning Greaves >Vulshok Morningstar
Izzet Signet >Dimir Signet
Return to Dust >Banishing Light
Nov 29 2018  06:53
Trostani's Summoner >Satyr Enchanter
Drogskol Shieldmate >Mesa Enchantress
Archetype of Courage >Trueheart Duelist
War Priest of Thune >Servo Exhibition
Bellowing Aegisaur >Oketra's Attendant
Magmatic Insight >Goblin Banneret
Jund Battlemage >Ordeal of Purphoros
Beast Attack >Bestial Menace
Naya Battlemage >Merfolk Branchwalker
Clear Shot >Savage Stomp
Wildsize >Sylvan Might
Esper Battlemage >Phyrexian Ingester
Sphinx's Tutelage >Fumble
Mossfire Egg >Valduk, Keeper of the Flame
Flame-Kin Zealot >Heroic Reinforcements
Krakilin >Feral Hydra
Thunderstaff >Counterspell
Familiar's Ruse >Forbid
Skycloud Egg >Champion of the Flame
Dissolve >Reality Shift
Novijen Sages >Silumgar Spell-Eater
Wing Splicer >Willbender
Pore Over the Pages >Talrand's Invocation
Second to last birthday fix!
Sep 14 2018  22:09
Man-o'-War >Exclusion Mage
Dragon Breath >Dance with Devils
Brood Monitor >Gamekeeper
Overrun >Wild Onslaught
Mask of Memory >Sai of the Shinobi
Hedron Archive >Whirlermaker
12 Changes
More bday cards arrived
Sep 14 2018  05:25
And I thought pestilence was a little too strong

Pestilence >Oathsworn Vampire
Merciless Eternal >Undead Gladiator
Visionary Augmenter >Lotus-Eye Mystics
Lashknife Barrier >Promise of Bunrei
Obsessive Skinner >Untamed Kavu
Weirding Wood >Utopia Sprawl
Curse of Predation >Song of Freyalise
Durable Handicraft >Moldervine Cloak
Curious Homunculus >Skilled Animator
Merfolk Looter >Thought Courier
River Hoopoe >Tatyova, Benthic Druid
Tidehollow Sculler >Regal Bloodlord
Birthday purchase changes, part 1
Sep 6 2018  06:43
Vithian Stinger >Spikeshot Goblin
Wipe Away >Time of Ice
Phantom General >Kongming, 'Sleeping Dragon'
Wispweaver Angel >Baird, Steward of Argive
Deadeye Plunderers >Rona, Disciple of Gix
8 Changes
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