Retrocube: Alpha to Weatherlight

The retrocube is an attempt to create a balanced interactive cube out of the oldest cards in Magic; an environment in which both elder dragon legends and pearled unicorns are playable. The base 450 card cube spans Alpha to Alliances; this cube includes the "Mirage expansion": 90 additional cards from Mirage block to extend the cube from 10 to 12 players.
new changes
Feb 18 2019  20:45
Irini Sengir >The Fallen
Minion of Leshrac >Cosmic Horror
Moss Monster >Gorilla Berserkers
Eternal Flame >Frost Giant
Caribou Range >Abbey Gargoyles
Icatian Moneychanger >Camel
12 Changes
Sep 8 2018  16:29
Baki's Curse >Anti-Magic Aura
Jade Monolith >Astrolabe
4 Changes
so bad
May 31 2018  00:14
Realized I would rather -1 power and trample than banding and permanent card disadvantage. Similarly, sacrificing a swamp and paying B to get a bear is horrific, being able to pump lots of swamps into mire shade doesnt help its horrid stats and ability

Mishra's War Machine >Ebony Rhino
Mire Shade >Sewer Rats
4 Changes
Mar 24 2018  22:47
Alabaster Potion >Healing Salve
2 Changes
Mar 24 2018  18:23
Rogue Elephant >Waiting in the Weeds
Rowen >Afiya Grove
4 Changes
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