Qwerty's Cube

The idea behind the cube is that no two drafts are the same. To go with this, draft warping cards are included in the cube to make each draft different since a card will only show up 50% of the time.

UR - Storm/Spells Matter
UB - Control/Mill
UG - Midrange/Counters Matter/Valuetown
UW - Fliers/Blink
RG - Aggro/Stompy
RW - Aggro/Burn
RB - Aggro/Everything Dies/Suicide Zoo
BG - Stax/Reanimator
BW - Lifegain
WG - Tokens
Jun 7 2018  00:10
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Awe Strike >Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit
Call of the Wild >Vizier of the Menagerie
Dawn's Reflection >Fastbond
Salvage Slasher >Fleshbag Marauder
Rakdos Drake >Magus of the Will
Conjurer's Bauble >Dismember
Arctic Aven >Geist of Saint Traft
14 Changes
MC upgrades
Dec 26 2017  23:44
Vassal Soul >Hot Fix
Tidehollow Strix >X
Morgue Burst >Grusilda, Monster Masher
Heroes' Reunion >Saffi Eriksdotter
Nimbus Swimmer >Master Biomancer
10 Changes
Colourless Cuts
Dec 26 2017  23:39
Planar Portal >Birthing Pod
Arcane Spyglass >Split Screen
4 Changes
Green Upgrades
Dec 26 2017  23:37
Blanchwood Armor >Primeval Titan
Sylvok Replica >Burgeoning
Sheltering Word >Ranging Raptors
Serpent's Gift >Earl of Squirrel
8 Changes
Black and Red Upgrades
Dec 26 2017  23:30
Thrill-Kill Assassin >Exhume
Nim Replica >Summon the Pack
Spiraling Embers >Purphoros, God of the Forge
6 Changes
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