Phand's Pauper Cube

This pauper cube contains at least 1 card from each booster expansion which contained new cards (expert level expansions, Portal, Un-, and Consipracy sets), as well as reprint sets with several rarity shifts (such as the modern masters sets). Other reprint sets with few rarity shifts (Nth Edition and Chronicles) and the supplemental sets (Commander, Duel Decks, Starter, etc.) were not considered to be mandatory, however their rarities were taken into account for determining rarities (Ash Barrens, Flood, and Forked Bolt).

Additionally, the other stipulation for this cube is that the only printing used for the cards in this cube is the first printing which a card appeared at common. Alpha and Beta are considered to be the same (Limited Edition) for this requirement, and Beta versions have been used for the better color and uniform card corners. As this is a paper cube, this means that paper rarity is the only thing that matters for determining rarity. And the determination for rarities of older cards is based off of the gatherer; so the frequency the card appeared matters, not which sheet it was on.

The only booster expansions which are not represented herein are: Unlimited, Revised, Chronicles, Starter 1999, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th Editions; as they either lacked any rarity shifts to common, or had so few rarity shifts to common that no reasonable selections could be made (and the bar for this is low, I'm running Yotian Soldier and Pulse of Murasa for comparison). Every other English language booster expansion should be represented; if you see an omission please let me know.

It is a point of shame that the lightning bolt I'm using isn't beta, but I slept on picking one up at $20; and now they're significantly out of my price range (and honestly I wouldn't be comfortable playing with one if I had acquired any).
Feb 23 2019  16:08
Frilled Oculus >Applied Biomancy
2 Changes
Feb 7 2019  01:25
Fencing Ace >Hunted Witness
Viashino Pyromancer >Skewer the Critics
Izzet Chronarch >Fire // Ice
Cage of Hands >Tenth District Veteran
Izzet Signet >Sickleslicer
Dimir Signet >Star Compass
Orzhov Signet >Darksteel Ingot
Azorius Signet >Ashnod's Altar
16 Changes
Jul 25 2018  23:47
Faith's Fetters >Palace Sentinels
Old Guard >Fencing Ace
Kor Sanctifiers >Savannah Lions
Emperor Crocodile >Ainok Survivalist
Kird Ape >Frenzied Goblin
Torch Fiend >Jackal Pup
Chartooth Cougar >Crimson Mage
Skittering Horror >Dusk Legion Zealot
Inner-Flame Acolyte >Ghitu Lavarunner
Silent Departure >Blink of an Eye
Growth Spasm >Adventurous Impulse
Deft Duelist >Riptide Crab
Riverwheel Aerialists >Canal Courier
Aftershock >Goblin Instigator
Brimstone Volley >Viashino Pyromancer
Dec 29 2017  17:22
Akrasan Squire >Old Guard
Vendetta >Extremely Slow Zombie
6 Changes
Dec 10 2017  23:37
Opaline Bracers >Guardian Idol
Cloudfin Raptor >Riverwheel Aerialists
Unstable Mutation >Jhessian Thief
Wild Nacatl >Jaddi Offshoot
Apex Hawks >Seeker of the Way
10 Changes
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