Perkinsms Pauper cube

Pauper cube modeled after Adam Styborski's Pauper cube at

potential changes to pauper cube
current removal ASFAN 3.1 - reduce to 2.5 (cut 16 removal spells)

List up to date as of UMA set update
Pauper Cube RNA update
Mar 6 2019  04:26
Yotian Soldier >Lawmage's Binding
Slash Panther >Kathari Bomber
Lurking Automaton >Frenzied Arynx
Sparring Construct >Imperious Oligarch
Blazing Torch >Applied Biomancy
Ivy Elemental >Wrecking Beast
Time to Feed >Titanic Brawl
Harsh Sustenance >Final Payment
Pit Fight >Savage Smash
Beetleform Mage >Growth Spiral
Frilled Oculus >Aeromunculus
Mardu Skullhunter >Blade Juggler
Keldon Overseer >Burning-Tree Vandal
Barbed Lightning >Skewer the Critics
Rishadan Airship >Skittering Crustacean
Jan 13 2019  20:35
Filigree Crawler >Guardian Idol
2 Changes
Adam Styborski UMA Update
Jan 13 2019  20:24
Now the cube is exactly like Styborski's cube. 

Aven Surveyor >Mnemonic Wall
Stronghold Confessor >Slum Reaper
Extremely Slow Zombie >Moan of the Unhallowed
Frilled Deathspitter >Sparkspitter
Razorfin Hunter >Goblin Electromancer
Sphere of the Suns >Golgari Rotwurm
Strip Mine >Travel Preparations
Runed Servitor >Dimir Guildmage
Guardian Automaton >Fire // Ice
Mobile Garrison >Fresh-Faced Recruit
Jan 6 2019  19:05

2 Changes
Jan 6 2019  18:40
Assault Zeppelid >Coiling Oracle
4 Changes
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