Old School Archetype Cube

This cube is built to let you draft multiple different archetypes in the 93/94 format. Therefore, the cube only have playables from the format and it has more than just a single copy of each card. 

This is an explanation of why some cards are 4 ofs and others 2 ofs:

4 of card - Super important archetype cards and popular staples like Lightning bolt and Disenchant. Not many cards are 4-ofs.

3 of a card - Most combo parts that only go in one combo.

2 of a card - Good versatile cards that are not that important for any specific deck.

1 of a card - Random fun cards and also cards that are a bit unfun and hard to answer like Moat and The Abyss.
And of course the restricted cards. Except for Chaos orb that is so Old School that the cube has two. Also there is no Mind Twist or Library of Alexandria. 

These are the main archetypes that can be found in the cube:
Field of Dreams Combo
UR Aggro
White Weenie
Green Ramp
Machine Head
Guardian Beast/Transmute Toolbox
Trick Deck (Underworld Dreams)
Zoo/Erhnam Burn'em
UG Berserk
UW Control
Artifact Aggro
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