My Upgraded Cube

This is a cube to have fun while being competitive. I've seen competitive cubes, and I've seen fun cubes, but I wanted a cube that both types of players can sit down and have a good time together. I'm open to any suggestions!
Aug 22 2016  03:37

3 Changes
More Landfall Stuff! :D
Aug 7 2016  05:30

5 Changes
I couldn't help myself :P
Jul 19 2016  05:51

2 Changes
More trades!
Jul 19 2016  05:41
I took out some cards I either traded away or didn't fit in the theme and put in some cool new additions. Finally, a Dack! :D

10 Changes
Major Update
Jul 17 2016  23:46
Just bringing Cubetutor up to date with what's actually in the cube. 

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