My Momir Cube

This is a Momir cube that I maintain with my brother.

Momir cube rules:

0. Each player begins the game with a library of 60 basic lands - 12 of each basic land type (excluding Wastes). In the center of the table, 8 piles are laid out face down. These piles are specially selected cards (the Cube) that are all creatures that range in Converted Mana Cost from 1 through 8. The CMC1 cards are all sleeved in red sleeves and are all in their own pile, the CMC2 cards are all sleeved in orange sleeves and are in their own pile, and so forth all the way through the ROYGBV order - Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue, Purple, Violet. These piles are all considered Libraries with no Owner or associated Player.

1. Each player draws a starting 7 hand, just as a normal game of Magic. Turn order and Mulligan rules are agreed upon by the group, just as a normal friendly game of multiplayer Magic would allow.

2. A player's turn contains all of the normal phases of a turn - Untap, Upkeep, Draw, Main, Combat, Main, End.

3. Once per turn any time they may cast a Sorcery, a player may perform a special action called a Momir action. That player may discard a basic land card and tap their lands or activate mana abilities of creatures they control to add mana to their mana pool, then spend this mana to cast the top card of the associated CMC pile. That spell, which will by design always be a creature spell, enters the battlefield as a token copy of the associated card.

On his turn 3, Jace has a basic Plains and a basic Mountain on the battlefield, and a Llanowar Elves. On his first main phase, Jace plays a basic Island, then taps his Island, Plains, Mountain, and Llanowar Elves adding 4 mana to his mana pool. He discards a basic Forest from his hand and activates his Momir action to reveal the top card of the Converted Mana Cost 4 pile (the Green pile) and cast it. He reveals a copy of Skinrender, then gets to cast the Skinrender (and then chooses to place three -1/-1 counters on Chandra's copy of Birds of Paradise, as that is Skinrender's ability when it enters the battlefield).

Creatures cast via the Momir Action are TOKEN COPIES of that creature. They follow all the rules of tokens, such as ceasing to exist if they leave the battlefield.

Play the creatures on the battlefield as if they were not tokens! This gets way more fun because if you can infinitely bounce Skinrender to your hand and then cast it again, you will have a reliable source of removal! This creates a really weird situation in that you may have six unsleeved cards in hand and a single Green-sleeved card, but who cares?
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