Jon's Cube

This is a Legendary cube, and thus focuses on legends and cards that support the archetypes they outline.

Primary archetypes:
5 Color Dragon Tribal
5 Color "Enchantment Matters"
Rakdos Reanimator
Dimir Mill
Selesnya Tokens
Gruul Ramp/Cheat fatties/Stompy
Izzet "Spells matter"
Jeskai/Grixis "Artifacts Matter"
Golgari "Sacrifice.dec"
Azorious "Control"
Simic "Tempo"
Mono red goblins (with optional black splash)
Mono white aggro ( with optional red splash)

1.Create enough bleeding between archetypes to make decks that due 1-2 things very effectively, fixing should be common enough to allow 3 color decks, but sparse enough to punish decks that don't dedicate high picks to allowing themselves to play 4+.

2. Picks 1-3 should be high quality cards.  By pick 6-7 you should feel pretty iffy about your options.  This reflects the fact that legends as a whole haven't been that great in magics history, but they have always been flavorful!

3. Artifact based fixing and ramp is being avoided due to the power creep of every deck getting ramp and the effect that has in matches where only one player has these cards.
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