George's Pauper Cube

Welcome to my Pauper Cube!

This is a 500-card, completely pimped, archetypal cube using paper printed commons only (not including MODO expansions or the Un-Sets), with eternal staples also included.

Commonly Drafted Archetypes:
- Tokens (W/R/G)
- Creature Aggro (W/R/G)
- Control (U + B/W)
- Ramp (G + U/R/B)
- Burn (R + B/U)
- Tempo (W/U/R/G)
- Auras (W/U/G)
- Aristocrats (B + W/R/G)
- Graveyard Matters (B + W/R/G)
- White Weenie
- Red Deck Wins
- UW Fliers
- UW Blink
- UR Spells Matter
- RB Suicide / Sacrifice Aggro
- BG Rock Midrange
- Elves
- Goblins

Please post with any suggestions :)
DOM, M19 & Masters 25 Update - Mini but Mighty!
Jul 27 2018  22:39
2018 has been bookmarked by some of the biggest and most anticipated MTG releases of all time in the year of the game's 25th Anniversary - Notably the grand return to Dominaria, the comeback of core sets in M19, and of course Masters 25!

... Unfortunately it has been a slow year on the Pauper Cube upgrade front so a bumper triple set update for my baby cube is the result!

Highlights include some major downgrades to common from A25 especially in the red and white one drop department - Savannah Lions, Frenzied Goblins and Jackal Pup! My love for kicker was also renewed with Dominaria's inclusion, and has led me to bring back in fan-favourite Probe from the subs bench in honour to the return of the plane where it all began!

Work and life in general have been very busy lately, but I am looking forward to bringing out the cube more often in the second half of 2018!

Ixalan Block & Iconic Masters Cube Update
Mar 1 2018  11:35
So after a long hiatus from Cube after a change of job, home and getting back into Comp Rel Magic, I have finally got round to completing the Ixalan Block and Iconic Masters Update!

Ixalan unfortunately does not align with the select few tribal archetypes I run in the cube, but brings along some upgrades in power level.

Iconic Masters was not as impressive as some non-Standard expansions have been previously, but some of the additions I am excited to see played - Seeker of the Way, Jace's Phantasm, Lead the Stampede and Guardian Idol especially!

Big year ahead with Magic 25 already looking to have a bounty of common downgrades and the exciting premise of Dominaria's release later in the year!

Amonkhet Block Update!
Aug 15 2017  11:05
The final block update before the changes to new set releases in Standard, in the form of Ixalan! Amonkhet was a difficult one to judge, assessing whether the Desert interactions were worth a full overhaul didn't quite seem necessary, so it is a case of some strict upgrades coming from Amonkhet and Hour of Devastation.

White and Green see the biggest upgrade from the new set, whilst the Spells Matter archetype see's fantastic new additions in the form of Firebrand Archer and Spellweaver Eternal. Diabolic Edict is the only non-AMK card going in, a strict upgrade to Geth's Verdict, after realising I can get an Arena promo.

Thoroughly looking forward to what Ixalan and Iconic Masters brings my little cube later in the year!

The Big One Part 2 - MM17 & Other Changes
Apr 5 2017  08:15
So here we go... 35 changes in total coming from Modern Masters 2017 alone, with some big reductions in rarity adding support to a whole array of archetypes for my Pauper Cube!

Aristocrats gets the biggest boost with the inclusion of its Falkenrath cousin, alongside two great sac outlets in Rusalka and Gnawing Zombie, with Mortician Beetle also included. Burn is a close second with Magma Jet, Chandra's Outrage, Thunderous Wrath and Ground Assault all being downgraded. Blue control, graveyard strategies and tokens also pick up some new toys.

In other changes, I have finally given in and included Mulldrifter (it's about time)! A full rework of my red 3cmc creatures has been completed, as well as the removal of the Shadowmoor hybrid auras which had failed to be as powerful as first perceived.

After too many winning drafts, the infinite combo surrounding Muzzio's preparations has been completely removed, as well as almost all other Conspiracies.

I am so excited to see how this rotation impacts my cube play, as more than 10% has been altered with this single rotation!

The Big One Part 1 - KLD Block, CN2 & CMD16
Apr 5 2017  07:58
Well ... I thought Shadows-EMA rotation was big.... I have been proven wrong... So with the release of Modern Masters bringing more than 20 rarity reductions, I held off the block rotation and, to my delight, I now have a full 57 alterations to my Paper Cube !!!!!!

Kaladesh brings with it the introduction of Vehicles and energy to the cube, with improvements to mana fixing and go-wide support. Ash Barrens is the only new addition from Commander but, alongside Renegade Map, adds support to my colourless mana fixing. Conspiracy introduces Monarchy as an alternative card advantage option also, as well as a new draft mechanic with Leovold Operative (who also happens to be an Elf and actually playable!).

The majority of the Landfall theme has been removed as it didn't make much of an impact, and the staples have now been functionally improved upon. 3 colour wedge cards such as Trace of Abundance and Sangrite Backlash are being dropped ahead of the Guild pairing focus in MM3 (see the following post).

I also have to say goodbye to one of my favourite commons from the cube for the time being - Mardu Scout :( but don't worry... he'll be back!

Stay tuned for Part 2!

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