Frogczar's Mirage Block '96 Classic Cube

Welcome to my Mirage block Classic Cube.

Mirage block was the first block where I played Magic "Competitively" back in 1996 like many others. It was the first series of expansion sets that was built for the then new 3-set "Block" format and tested to work together independently. It has some old mechanics from the Alpha release and a few new ones like flanking and phasing.

The cube contains cards from Mirage, Visions and Weatherlight. I have added the legendary personalities from later expansions since I was thrilled to finally see who all these cards were referencing when they came out. Teferi, Mangara, Jolrael, and Kaervek. 

When looking to build a new cube after the first two, I wanted something that was powerful, nostalgic and reasonably balanced. I also considered Tempest Block, Urza's Block and Ice Age "block". Mirage ended up being the most balanced with the least amount of gaps between card power, color power and overall fun.
A few changes
Jan 4 2019  00:40
Argivian Restoration was too situational as was Mind Harness. Both replacements make more sense.

Wave of Terror has potential to be good, but every time I drafted it I never played it.

Argivian Restoration >Inspiration
Mind Harness >Betrayal
Wave of Terror >Agonizing Memories
6 Changes
Suleiman's Legacy out
Jun 25 2018  14:31
The card is too hard to use and Zebra Unicorn has some needed lifelink in the cube.

Suleiman's Legacy >Zebra Unicorn
2 Changes
Jun 10 2018  22:15
Phyrexian Tribute >Phyrexian Purge
2 Changes
Black changes
Jun 10 2018  22:12
Some changes for black. Kaervek's Spite is just too awful a drawback for 5 life, even as a finisher. Phyrexian Tribute is a 3 for one in cards for an artifact, and there aren't that many in the cube. Necratog is iconic, but hard to power up. Tar Pit Warrior is easier to splash and make use of.

Kaervek's Spite >Ebony Charm
Phyrexian Purge >Ashen Powder
Necratog >Tar Pit Warrior
6 Changes
Wave elemental out
Jun 7 2018  03:48
Wave elemental is just not good enough for it's high cost. It's power and toughness do not matter much and it's ability is replicated/surpassed by other cards in the cube. Avizoa is a more playable cost at 3U and has an interesting evasive/pump power. 

Wave Elemental >Avizoa
2 Changes
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