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This is a cube designed around the archetypes beginners like to play.

There are 10 primary archetypes in this 450 card cube. The cards and archetypes are chosen to be synergistic with each other archetype, and can frequently be interchanged.

- W Equipments
- U Control
- B Rack
- G Ramp
- GW Tokens
- WU Fliers
- UB Mill
- BR Chroma/Devotion
- RG Landfall

Pack structure is meant to be 1 mythic and 3 rares. Commons and uncommons are randomly distributed throughout the other 11. As such, there are a total of 30 mythics (3 mythics per archetype), and 90 rares (9 rares per archetype) leaving the rest 330 cards to be commons and uncommons. 1/3 of the mythics in this cube are planeswalkers (1 planeswalker per archetype), though a few of them overlap. Because of this ratio, every pack has a 1/3rd chance of containing a planeswalker.

There are a lot of linear archetypes in this cube, as it is designed for a beginner's mind set in mind. But it works in this way that mill, infect, ramp and their ilk wouldn't work in a cube alone without competition of linear effects. It is relatively easy to draft in this sense, as the requirement to have synergy or "pants" isn't necessary for 7/10 of these archetypes.

It is also inexepensive to build. The majority of the cards in here that are above $5 I have in here purely because I have them. Things like Chain Lightning and Lotus Cobra are certainly not requirements for the budget cube builder, and they can easily find replacements. However, other cards are definitely required (Godsend for filling up a mythic slot), or will eventually plummet once taken out of Standard (Gideon and Avacyn).
Oct 25 2016  13:56
Fascination >Manic Scribe
Leovold's Operative >Darksteel Mutation
4 Changes
Oct 19 2016  08:15
Gideon, Ally of Zendikar >Nissa, Voice of Zendikar
Rakshasa's Secret >Creeping Dread
Mind Twist >Bloodchief Ascension
Sporemound >Zendikar's Roil
8 Changes
Oct 16 2016  19:06
Go for the Throat >Doom Blade
2 Changes
Mesmeric Orb
Oct 16 2016  19:00
Wanted to put Mesmeric Orb back in. I also went through the entirety of Rack and gave it more variety while removing the hefty conditionals or weaker cards.

Diabolic Servitude >Necromancy
Hollowborn Barghest >Mesmeric Orb
Quest for the Nihil Stone >Scion of Darkness
Rackling >Megrim
Deadbridge Shaman >Ordeal of Erebos
Shrieking Affliction >Read the Bones
Cunning Advisor >Augur of Skulls
Abyssal Specter >Stronghold Rats
16 Changes
Oct 8 2016  14:00
Flickerwisp >Squall Drifter
2 Changes
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