Desert Cube Modified


Modified version of the Desert Cube.

Draft with 3 packs of 18 or 4 packs of 15.

You must draft all lands you plan to use.
The Desert Addition
Jul 9 2017  23:25
Amonkhet and Hour of Devastation are very exciting for the desert cube. I have decided to replace all basic lands in the cube with their new desert counterparts (more of the cycle/tapped lands than the colorless/pain lands). I have also removed the fifth copies of the multiple cards, as well as cards that refer to basic lands. Some of these cards got replacements, while others did not. Fixing lands have been added in order to combat the slowness that this experimental update will inevitably bring. All in all, this is an exciting, and hopefully not ill advised, update.

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Major Renovation
Jul 9 2017  23:02
Making room for the new cards

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Jul 31 2016  04:33

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Some Changes
Jul 26 2016  16:11

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Price Shenanigans II
Jul 26 2016  15:59

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