Derek's Cube

A commander cube, built to make 100 card singleton decks. Players are provided a five-colored legendary and a Command Tower and can build their deck using any legendary they draft so long as they follow EDH deck building rules.

Cube is drafted in three 30-card packs.
Cube Draft #4
Sep 4 2016  06:20
The entire cube was drafted among six people, with four packs of thirty each. With the removal of Worldknit for Dark Depths allowed for people to have pools greater than 100 cards. This is the first draft that everyone received plenty of playables.

D: Maelstrom Wanderer; RUG goodstuff
S: Marath; Naya tokens
J: Sydri; Esper artifacts
SF: Cromat; Five-colored, minor reanimate theme
G: Tasigur; BUG control. Got all counterspells that were used in the draft.
N: Tariel; Mardu removal

N was unable to play the draft leaving it to be a five player free for all.

1st: D, 2nd: SF, 3rd: S, 4th: G, 5th: N                          N/A: N

J started with power play, and by the fourth round there were three howling mine effects across all the players. G started control soon with an Empress Galina until it was removed, which allowed S to start using Captain Sisay. The board stayed relatively clear as everyone kept each other in check with all the card draw. J eventually dropped Avacyn, angel of hope only to have it be stolen by G. J later cast Mindgrind for 18 milling everyone for a large amount of cards and giving G a 10/10 Annihilator 4 Lazav. With G still having control of Avacyn D used Insurrection to kill J to remove Avacyn and then Chandra's Ignition to remove all other creatures besides Lazav which became a 3/4 Meren. G was running short on cards and a few short turns was down to less than a handful. D tried to wheel G out of the game only to be stopped by a counter spell. G was all set to keep looping Blue Sun, Black Sun, and Beacon of Unrest to prevent drawing out by S took him out of the game with a Reforge the Soul. S had tapped out and had almost no board presence when SF came out of nowhere with Zurgo Helmsmasher enchanted with Eldrazi Conscription and wielding Hero's Blade to kill S in one swift blow. D krosan grip'd the Conscription and then over a few turns managed to out race SF's Zurgo with Maelstrom Wanderer and Sun Quan making all creatures hasty and unblockable.

Cube Draft #3 and Update
Aug 16 2016  00:29
Worldkint is being replaced by Sensei's Divining Top when the top arrives from the mail. To adjust support for five-color several mono-colored cards are being adjusted to support more five colored synergy.

D: Sydri Artifacts; alittle light on playables.
S: Damia; BUG
N: Numot; primarily UW with a light splash in red.
G: Sliver Queen/Worldknit; all five hondens and five-colored power cards

Game 1: Winner: G
N left before game. D starts off with a few small baubles but is short on blue mana for a long period. G lands Mind's Dilation and put S on tilt after taking several spells. G lands Zendikar Resurgent, but when S draws a naturalize effect he blows up the Mind's Dilation because of tilt and G ends the game with doubled mana and Legacy Weapon.

Game 2: Winner: G
D switched and used N's deck as he was unavailable. S accelerates the game on turn three with Shizuko allowing G an early Conflux for all five Hondens. D refused to drop an early Numot to start hitting lands and the hondens slowly but surely took over the game until the flood of card advantage combined with a Zendikar Resurgent sealed the deal.

Cube Drafts #1&2 and Cube Updates
Jul 30 2016  18:38
Worldknit and Maelstrom Wanderer are on an active watchlist, while other cards like Captain Sisay, Narset Enlightened Master, and 'Xenagod' and others are being kept an eye on but they haven't been used yet to any amount to make any judgments.

Currently missing 38 cards from the cube.

Two drafts in:

D: Ghave; short on playables (48-52)
S: Maelstrom Wanderer; only player in red
J: Reaper King/Worldknit; tried forcing Doran P1, grabbed Worldknit in P3 to reach playable count
N: Teneb; forced GBW, barely reached playable count
G: Derevi; little competition in blue

1st: G, 2nd: S, 3rd: D, 4th: J, 5th: N
Game ground to a halt after MW was locked down, G eliminated N due to Mystic Barrier and J then conceded due to late hours and long game. G kept accruing advantage over the next few turns, D conceded with lethal on G's board due to being completely out of plays. G won by maintaining advantages before S could catch back up after losing access to MW.

D: Uril; Voltron-Aggro
N: Hivelord/Worldknit; 5-colored goodstuff, struggled with picking up lands in draft
G: Maelstrom Wanderer; creature light
J: Derevi; light on playables
S: Tasigur; heavy on control elements, light on threats

1st: N, 2nd: J, 3rd: D, 4th: S, 5th: G
Game moderately grindy due to slow starts, S pummeled early to a low life total. G conceded after being pummeled and locked down by multiple players after gaining a lead with MW and Eldrazi Titans. Few more grindy turns, D eliminates S choosing to leave himself open to N's Phage. N eliminates D, and the following turn eliminates J with overwhelming board state.

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