del lin 2016

A small (400-card) interesting cube. Recurring mechanics are limited to landfall, level up, flashback, convoke, and Conspiracy constructs; other non-evergreen keywords are avoided where possible. Strategies for two, three, and four+ colors are supported.
May 9 2016  23:23
Some tweaks to card choices that help more strategies.

Spark Jolt will be missed least among these cuts, but the rest might find their way back in.

Revoke Existence >Ray of Revelation
Putrid Imp >Pack Rat
Spark Jolt >Dual Shot
Awakener Druid >Kazandu Tuskcaller
Secrets of Paradise >Millikin
10 Changes
version 3.0.0 has arrived
May 5 2016  09:49
this is the third time i have felt like i finished building cube, that the changes to follow will be making tweaks rather than additions. previously, this cube used to have a ravnica theme, then became a mostly gold cube. the main goals of this version of the cube are to allow players access to many different draft strategies while keeping the card choices' complexity low and power exciting, in two colors with reliable access to an off-color splash. 

May 4 2016  00:53
Reef Worm >Whirler Rogue
Lone Revenant >Roil Elemental
Tideforce Elemental >Quickling
All Suns' Dawn >Seasons Past
Apr 26 2016  03:57

2 Changes
Apr 26 2016  03:56
Ultimate Price >Sever the Bloodline
Sleep >Cryptic Command
Angel of Jubilation >Baneslayer Angel
Remand >Condescend
Inner Struggle >Fiery Confluence
Unruly Mob >Knight of Cliffhaven
Flickerwisp >Glimmerpoint Stag
16 Changes
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