Conspiracy Cube

Archetypes we tried to support

UW Fliers
UB Saboteur
BR Group Slug
RG Trample
GW +1/+1 Counters
WB Lifegain
BG Recursion
UG Discard
UR Copy/Steal
RW Combat Control
UG Merfolk
Nov 21 2018  20:03

Added to Sideboard some proposal UB Madness stuff
Nov 16 2018  04:10

Apr 28 2018  00:20
Tetsuo Umezawa >Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive
Haunted Fengraf >Memorial to Folly
4 Changes
Apr 24 2018  15:37
Valorous Stance >Blessed Alliance
2 Changes
added 4 ofs
Apr 17 2018  17:44
Apex Hawks >Squadron Hawk
Kytheon's Irregulars >Squadron Hawk
Fumigate >Squadron Hawk
Planar Cleansing >Squadron Hawk
Jeering Homunculus >Accumulated Knowledge
Vaporkin >Accumulated Knowledge
Keeper of Keys >Accumulated Knowledge
Forgotten Creation >Accumulated Knowledge
Indulgent Tormentor >Undead Servant
Archfiend of Depravity >Undead Servant
Horror of the Broken Lands >Undead Servant
Infest >Undead Servant
Tempt with Vengeance >Kindle
Pyromancer's Goggles >Kindle
Lightning Strike >Kindle
Firebolt >Kindle
Lifeblood Hydra >Timberpack Wolf
Boneyard Wurm >Timberpack Wolf
Llanowar Elves >Timberpack Wolf
Gaea's Blessing >Timberpack Wolf
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