Conspiracy Cube

This cube is meant to mirror an extended version of Conspiracy. Cards are kept sorted by rarity, but can also be completely shuffled up to form a perfect 720 card cube.
Generally for multiplayer, players build 50ish card decks to counteract prolonged gameplay.

R Defenders
BG Value/Morbid
GX Ramp
UR/WUB Artifacts
GW Tokens
UW Fliers
RB Burn
UB Reanimator/control
UBR Dethrone
WB Monarchy/Voting
UGW Enters the Bant-lefield
Oct 15 2018  23:05
Why pay 5 mana when you can pay 3 for the same ability?

Coralhelm Guide >Passwall Adept
Coralhelm Guide >Passwall Adept
Coralhelm Guide >Passwall Adept
Coralhelm Guide >Passwall Adept
8 Changes
Sep 7 2018  03:29
Reckless Spite >Deadly Designs
Reckless Spite >Deadly Designs
4 Changes
C18 Updates
Sep 7 2018  03:17
Trying out some stuff over some cards that weren't working. Except Vraska. Had to power that lady down with Windgrace's Judgment.

Reign of the Pit >Sower of Discord
Mana-Charged Dragon >Emissary of Grudges
Vraska the Unseen >Windgrace's Judgment
Stifle >Portal Mage
Reya Dawnbringer >Resolute Archangel
Deathrender >Mind's Eye
12 Changes
Commander Upgrades
Aug 18 2018  22:23
C18 coming out reminded me that I still had cards from the last commander set that I hadn't put in yet.
-No one is really using Dualcaster, and I think that dragon will play well.
-As much as I like the protection Abolisher gives, I also like drawing cards.
-The Curse seems like a fun way to accelerate gameplay, and I generally dislike how melee plays.
-Punisher mechanics are fun, but so are called shots and 5/5 dragon tokens.

Dualcaster Mage >Territorial Hellkite
Grand Abolisher >Alms Collector
Grenzo's Ruffians >Curse of Opulence
Browbeat >Death by Dragons
8 Changes
Jun 28 2018  11:23
Still getting my hands on some BBD stuff. These seemed like some of the best cards for this environment.

Kirtar's Wrath >Play of the Game
Daretti, Scrap Savant >Stolen Strategy
4 Changes
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