Building a multiplayer conspiracy cube.

A friend of mine looked at this early drafted and commented I should chose 5 enemy color theme, since a lot of these cards where WB.


Orzhov Politic (vote, extort, monarch)
Izzet Trickster (theft, redirection, prowess,  Instant)
Boros Legion (Board Advantage, melee, dethrone?)
Simic Growth (Card draw, mana ramp, token etc)
Golgari lifecyle (recursion, graveyard matter etc)

Basically, every colored card must fit one of these philosophy, even if it's a stretch (ex : Entourage of trest is a card advantage  so Simic Growth) 

Edit. now with unstatble we add the 5 factions
The Order of the Widget: Artifact matter 
Agents of S.N.E.A.K.: hand disruption
League of Dastardly Doom: spike galore
Goblin Explosioneers: RANDOM!
Crossbreed Labs : dice 

Recepies, not sure about the rarity breakdown.
Cards 	Mythic  Rare Unco Common
50 Lands 	        5 	10 	15 	20
60 Colorless 	6 	12 	24 	18
60 Conspiracy 	6 	12 	24 	18
50 Multi-Color 	5 	10 	20 	15
100 White 	       10 	20 	40 	30
100 Blue 	       10 	20 	40 	30
100 Black 	       10 	20 	40 	30
100 Red 	       10 	20 	40 	30
100 Green   	10 	20 	40 	30
Feb 14 2019  19:03
Just need to sleeve it up and it's ready to go!

May 24 2018  18:40
Wow! there will be an influx of Battlebond card to this cube! especially the friend/foe mechanic. 

Contraption is ON
Dec 10 2017  01:53
A lot of Unstable is on its way thanks to puca!

Nov 27 2017  17:52
Should I run some unstable card here? Add trhe other 5 color pair as the wacky science? add the conplexity on contraption to this and have the ultimate Un-conspiracube? maybe..... 

Jun 8 2017  19:26
Thanks to Puca and some LGS, the base of this cube is almost complete.

the the is split between the 5 enemy color guilds:

Orzhov Politic 
Izzet Trickster 
Boros Legion 
Simic Growth  
Golgari Lifecycle

Golgari is the hardest to defined, there is an overlap with +1/+1 counter between Golgari and Simic but other than this its slowly taking shape. 

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