Commander Cube

Link to where to draft commanders:

After drafting your commander, come here to build a deck.  Three setups I use:
Pack size 10, 8 packs, 4 bots.
Pack size 9, 9 packs, 3 bots.
Pack size 8, 10 packs, 2 bots.

Just pick one.  In practice, I think the first half of the packs will be draft and the last half of just the last few sealed.

This is the list of cards (the general pack list is separate) for the commander cube I'm developing.  Still a work in progress, both in card selection but also in how it will be drafted.

It's designed to be easy and fun for a variety of experience levels while trying to limit time spent drafting while still having a rewarding and fun experience.

Rough guide is 70 card decks, 28 lands with a few ramp/fixers.  Land package is pretty strong.  You don't have to follow your general's color identity, so 4 color is very possible (maybe too possible if this cube was run more cutthroat)
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one blue swap

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green update

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black update.  removing a few underperformers

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