Durdle Cube!
Designed as a cube that has a plethora of synergies available to it. Its speed and power level are both generally smaller than other cubes, its creatures are smaller and slower and require more resources to work with.
The base idea is that regardless of your deck's speed, it should function somewhat like clockwork.
The standard, 2 power "aggro" creature drop has been moved to CMC 3 in this cube. In addition, the combinations are meant to ensure slower growth instead of explosive combo.
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One has to start somewhere
Feb 22 2018  22:26
The first draft of the cube is quite chaotic, and I might end up deleting the whole current batch of cards. But I'll take the chance of this blog post to write out the basic design philosophy of it.

The design principle is to make durdling worth it. The cube will be focused on slow engines that give out incremental advantages. Ideally, this should make for some synergies through emergent gameplay, as most of the cards have activated abilities that lend to synergy, some sort of token or counter interactions, or exchange resources for value. It's "reverse stax", if you will; you build grinding engines that gain you advantages over time, enabling yourself further.

Power level wise, the cube is quite weak. This allows me to dig through Magic's history and find some interesting effects that are otherwise usually overlooked. Both creatures and removal will be overcosted.

Some relevant notes for designing the cube:
- Direct effects such as removal usually needs some sort of hoop to jump through, such as [Death Bomb]. Make sure there's a lot of gradient effects, such as [Chill Haunting].
- The power level should be at a level where 

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