Alex's Frontier Cube

This is a medium-high power cube designed using Frontier cards up to and including Hour of Devastation. Banned cards such as Smuggler's Copter and Emrakul, the Promised End will be included.

1/2/2018 edit: Added cards up to Ixalan, intend to add cards as Rivals of Ixalan is spoiled. Drafted and got feedback, adding and removing various cards. Energy is vastly removed, as it is too parasitic to make drafting fun (even though I love it). May want to adjust the bombs for each color, and test which archetypes are encouraged by this cube.
Removal: excess 3 color cards
Jan 2 2018  17:41
I've realized that having 3 color decks is not really possible, so I'm only leaving in 1 of each of the wedges.

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Potential additions after consideration
Jan 2 2018  16:47

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