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Innistrad Cube
Singleton 360 cube using only cards from the Innistrad and Shadows over Innistrad blocks.
360 cards
Eddie 'S Cube
Peasant cube V3.0
360 cards
Ravnica Cube
Cube focused on the plane of Ravnica. 95% of the cards from RAV or RTR blocks with a few extra thrown in there for balancing or spiciness...
517 cards
Party Game
My goal with this cube is to make magic a game that can be played by all. I want to create an environment for old and new players to test...
653 cards
Josh's Cube
Tarkir block
360 cards
Blazin' Cube
Hi all and welcome to Miguel's Blazin' Cube. I designed this cube for casual play with my playgroup. Seeing as we play mostly EDH (C...
420 cards
Thornbrow's Cube
Ladies and Gentlemen! Children aged thirteen and older! Welcome to the main event! A fully powered cube featuring some of the best and br...
460 cards
S2k G's 450 Cube
Still need paper cards for : Jenara, Asura of War Rafiq of the Many Obelisk of Esper
461 cards
Innistrad Block Cube
This is our first go at a cube. I wanted something to fall back on when friends didn't feel like playing anything new that is coming out ...
540 cards
M10+ Peasant
This is a peasant cube (c/uc rarities only) using cards from the last 7 years or so.
720 cards
Steven's Cube
Putting what cards I have in to a cube and seeing how it works
763 cards
Connor's Cube
This cube has tribal themes: Green - Elf White - Soldier Black - Zombie Red - Goblin Blue - Instants and Sorceries It also has lots...
420 cards
Conspiracy Cube
An attempt at a repeatable sealed conspiracy draft.
450 cards
Rj's Cube
This is a 360 competitive unpowered cube. It is singleton with the exception of double fetchlands, which was one of the key features of ...
360 cards
Small Cube
This is my second cube. While I loved my big cube that focused on balance, unique drafts, and tried really hard to be close to a "normal"...
360 cards
Zombies Cube
Adapted from: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DFTN7D6w1UBxJn4ul1hfiqU-z3tUchwBSed5xq-OVR8/edit?pref=2&pli=1#gid=8 (being Er...
360 cards
Cube Vault's : The Cube
Cube Vault presents THE CUBE 540 Powered
550 cards
Basic Cube
Early cube concept.
540 cards
Tristan's Cube
Built simply for fun, with a focus on drafting. It works for Sealed as well, but many of the Conspiracy cards lose much/all of their valu...
374 cards
Josh's Cube
360-card cube draft, token, landfall, faeries subthemes
360 cards
Rennard's Fornost Cube
A cheap cube created for the purpose of a 4-person draft at the Pyrkon convention in Poznan, from the cards I have, with a more or less u...
360 cards
Simon's Cube
This is a 450 card un-powered fun cube! Not meant to be a show of monetary wealth, extreme pimp status with card editions, or a thoroughl...
450 cards
Tight Peasant Cube
The Tight Peasant Cube My first cube has been tightened and defined across dozens of iterations and set releases. It boasts 10 archety...
354 cards
Pauper Hipster Cube
WU: Acid Trip UB: Teachings Control BR: Midrange Goodstuff RG: Hyper Aggro GW: Enchantments WB: Rebels BG: Tortured Existence Madne...
360 cards
Cube Asdf
This cube was born because I wanted to play Yawgmoth's Bargain and some card with banding somewhere. No theme, no budget, no grand plans,...
360 cards
Red - Akki Green - Orochi Blue - Soratami Black - Nezumi White - Kitsune R/W - samurai* W/B - spirit G/B - soul shift R/U - arc...
360 cards
Pauper Cube [2016]
Multiplayer Pauper Cube 2016
600 cards
Pauper: The Cubing
Pauper: The Cubing is not a collection of the 'best' or 'most powerful' Commons in Magic's history. What it is: an ever-evolving collecti...
360 cards
Un Cube
This is the UN-Cube I have spent a lot of time working on, I don't own all the cards yet, but I'm close. I read every card and picked one...
410 cards
Andre's Cube
This is my personal cube, based around the plane of Innistrad. All the cards are sourced from sets in the block, magic origins and other ...
464 cards