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Goncalo's Cube
612 cards
Juju's Cube
Juju's cube, since 2010.
490 cards
Joey's Edh Cube
EDH cube. Every pack is full of surprises. Not new player friendly. Many foreign cards.
932 cards
Cube Myojin
Cube Kami Rebalanced
720 cards
The uncommons of magic's history.
499 cards
Dude Cube
I'm a dude, he's a dude, she's a dude, we're all dudes hey! Creatures only in this Cube with a few lands that morph into them sprinkle...
371 cards
My First Multiplayer Cube
Multiplayer Free For All Cube Emphasis on political cards Only Modern frame Most cards <$2.00 One legendary for each Guild * ...
375 cards
Gavin's Cube
Cube based on MTGO Legacy cube with cards in my collection. The power level is lower because most of the very expensive cards are missing.
450 cards
Tech Magic's Riptide Cube
The Georgia Tech Magic Club's cube, as curreated by Ben. The original list is from Jason Waddell, who runs www.riptidelab.com. Changes t...
360 cards
Nick 450
Eternal 450 unpowered heavily pimped
450 cards
Tiny Leaders
Tiny Heroes, Great Battles. Picking cheap legends to lead your army to victory is at least as flavorful as commander could be. But it'...
490 cards
Ñûbë çübê
Peasant noob-cube XD
360 cards
Phélès Cube 2015
Hi, this is my Cube List. I try to put all my favorites cards with banlist Legacy limit. I try to put combo cards which can be good itsel...
558 cards
David's Cube
Legacy based. Place to put my nice cards.
537 cards
Aaron's Cube
441 cards
George's Pauper Cube
Welcome to my Pauper Cube! This is a 500-card, completely pimped, archetypal cube using paper printed commons only (not including MODO...
500 cards
My Cube
Learn more about my cube by following this link: http://mtgcube.net
540 cards
Legacy 360
360 unpowered flavours of whatever I've stumbled into curating. ARCHETYPES ---- • UG Tempo, Ramp • UB Control • URb Artifact...
360 cards
Jaska's Cube
My archetype-driven cube. UW Azorius - Flicker, Flyers, Control UB Dimir - Cycling, Control RB Rakdos - Madness / Aggro GR Gruul - ...
540 cards
Peter's Cube
My main cube, for occasional drafts with friends This cube is meant to be sorted into packs of 5 rares/mythic rares and 10 nonrares.
813 cards
M14 On Cube
Cards from M14 onwards. Every two color pair has a supported archetype, but there's plenty of room for mixing and matching across them.
540 cards
Tony's Common Uncommon Cube
Constructed 2011
524 cards
No Scope
420 cards
Justin's Rtr Block Cube
Cube using 405 singletons from the RTR block. Cards are chosen largely based on LSV's ratings for cards in a limited environment.
405 cards
Tuomas's C/Ube
Hi! Please feel free to try out my Peasant Cube. Its little over 400 cards with multicolour support.
424 cards
Chris' Cube
This is a cube for my friends and I.
720 cards
Shiny's Cube
Cube built entirely of foils. Lacking power at the moment, but I hope to upgrade it slowly. Any feedback on cheap upgrades/additions welc...
441 cards
Aiken013's 2v2 Cube
This is my 2s Cube or 2v2 Cube. It is a format for 4 players to play in a best 2 out of 3 match in teams of 2 players each (NOT 2 Headed ...
381 cards
The Cube
The CUBE is basically the MTGO Legacy cube
545 cards
Nurgle's Power Cube
the digital version of my real life full power cube. enjoy.
817 cards