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Charm's Peasant Cube
This is a 360-card no-rares cube I made for play at my LGS. Each color pair has its own archetype and with 30 non-basic lands to help man...
360 cards
Deuce's Pauper Cube
Small, value-themed pauper cube.
360 cards
Redshoe 480
Although large enough for ten, this cube is intended for eight. The goal is that it drafts somewhere in between the consistency of conve...
481 cards
Our Cube
non-powered cube. ever evolving.
758 cards
Nicodimus's Cube
hey there! looking for that multiplayer cube action but unsatisfied with the offerings. look no further. this is my take on a multip...
360 cards
Cube Of Tarkir
Welcome inside the CUBE of TARKIR ! My young cube : from a khans of Tarkir base, with some other blocs cards picked. The aim : a cube f...
427 cards
Andrew's Commander Cube
Draft 1 pack of 5 from here first: http://www.cubetutor.com/cubeblog/19258 Choose a commander from the 5. Then draft 4 packs of 15 ...
734 cards
Ravnica Unified Cube
This is my attempt at a Ravnica Unified Cube, including cards from across Magic's expansions set on Ravnica (RAV, GP, DIS, RTR, GTC, DGM....
420 cards
Bobby's Modern Frame Cube
This cube is a (mostly) modern frame cube selected from cards that I have. It is still a work in progress. I want to remember when mak...
405 cards
Pauper Cube
New World Order Cube All cards must be printed at common in a modern frame.
420 cards
The Bad Cube
The Build Around Draft cube is all about enabling a variety of fun archetypes. Many of the cards are well below the power level threshold...
540 cards
Legendary Cube
A cube centered around the best (for cube) legendary creatures creatures and themes in Magic history. Heavy focus on multicolor decks, wi...
450 cards
Ktk To Soi Brawl
This will be the current placement of my Brawl Cube. This cube will feature KTK/ORI/BFZ/SOI Standard. It will be drafted between 4 to 6 p...
450 cards
Caller's Wedge Cube Ii
A cube with a bia towards wedge coloured decks. Abzan: +1/+1 counter synergies and midrange. Sultai: Graveyard synergies (Reanimator...
360 cards
Don Digimon Sky Blue Cube
My First Cube. I thought it to be a 360, then it grew to 450, and now it's 540. Still under construction, but fun is guaranteed in our p...
856 cards
J'r's Cube
This cube is designed for repeated 1v1 Rochester drafts, so certain archetypes are saturated to remain available across repeated drafts w...
686 cards
Extremely Great Cube
A medium-sized, unpowered cube with archetypes based around the 10 color pairs. Azorius (UW) - Blink Control Lock down the board with...
465 cards
Conspiracy Cube (480 = 450 + 30)
This Conspiracy Cube, as the name suggests, makes extensive use of "draft matters" cards (cards with the Conspiracy watermark) from the s...
450 cards
The Ochabox
A low-power cube generated using the combined collection of me and my roommate. Work-in-progress...obviously...
780 cards
Vorinclex00's Commander Cube
Commander cube. All Commander rules apply except the singleton rule (there are multiple copies of some lands in the cube, and if you draf...
604 cards
Old Two Headed Cube
2 Headed Giant Cube (with possible Archenemy inclusion) Grid drafted (3x3) 2 Rare sets 4 Uncommon sets 12 Common sets Current Arc...
551 cards
Bright Side Of The Moon
Powered eternal cube with storm support.
537 cards
Mr. Changeling's Cube
This is my Multicolored cube! It is a blast to draft. Support for up to 12 players.
540 cards
Fourscore Cube
Modern Cube focusing on 2-colour themes and with an enchanting thread running through it.
540 cards
Eternal 360
Eternal 360
360 cards
Move Along Scum!
Still tweaking it!
448 cards
Tar Kube
Only the best from Tarkir
495 cards
Vintage Cube
The Vintage Cube
540 cards
Archetribes is a unique cubing environment where archetypal magic meets tribes. The games are often fast paced and board heavy. It should...
450 cards