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G3 Cube
G3: The Three Brothers' Cube Originally created from our collection of cards for fun. Gradually, it has been improved with stronger an...
450 cards
Tom 1
PLANESWALKER CUBE ERRATA - All "companion" creatures (e.g., Jace's Sentinel) have "Partners with <their Planeswalker>" so when t...
360 cards
Ty's Cube (Vintage &Amp; Powered)
Mainly meant for a 2 v 2 team/shared life total format, but can be played 1 v 1.
731 cards
Jirkakote's Cube
Decided to reduce the cube to 540 cards, since 720 is just way too much. It was really hard and I don't know how the intended archetypes ...
540 cards
Justin's Cube
Summary: Peasant plus temples, painlands, Cogwork Grinder and Lore Seeker. 540 Singleton Cube, often played in multiplayer settings. ...
539 cards
Arsty Wumpus' Pauper Cube
Artsy Wumpus' Pauper Cube - if it is or ever has been a common, it's fair game. UW Blink WB Drain UB Value ...
450 cards
Milwaukee Community Cube
A community Cube for the MKE area curated by TooSarcastic.
721 cards
Vintage Monstrosity
Vintage - Black Lotus + Blacker Lotus
720 cards
Adam's Cube
Powered cube.
360 cards
Test Cube
Fully Colourless Cube! As if it didn't exist!
546 cards
Hawaii Foil Power
Hawaii's premier powered cube. As an early drafter of the WTWLF123 cube, I have built my own rendition which follows within 2% of the ori...
540 cards
Thomas's Cube
Powered cube.
450 cards
Archetypal Pauper Cube
A Pauper cube I've been developing, designed for an even 8 players. My highest priorities when designing the cube were to keep it accessi...
360 cards
Johnboy's Cube
The Cube is designed to be supported by 36" legs. The legs are made of aluminum tubes and can support a weight of over 30 lbs. The face o...
555 cards
La Sportiva
Color Identities: Red - Most Aggressive Creatures, Burn, Artifact Removal White - Aggressive Creatures, Anthems, Mass Removal, Some...
533 cards
Galaxy Brain Cube
Trying to support doing as many different kinds of things as possible. Intro to archetypes: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2F5ZMQD...
499 cards
Jay's Cube
None powered, double, casual, fun cube
600 cards
A cube comprised (almost) entirely on Innistrad block, eschewing many of the limited-breaking and flavour-changing cards from Avacyn Rest...
360 cards
Chris' 360 Unpowered Cube
Basic Info - Cube Size: 360 Cards Breakdown: 48 Each Color, 80 Colorless, 40 Gold Average Draft: 4-8 players Design Restriction ...
360 cards
Fun Magic Times
Slightly more multi-colored cube with some supported archetypes. Limited to as few keywords as possible as to be friendly for MTG players...
360 cards
The Kube
~450 cards, unpowered. Maybe for a special occasion. "The planeswalker problem" is starting to become a thing. Skill-testing car...
450 cards
Cdub's Cube
my cube started with the 540 most interesting cards in my collection in may 2012, and grew to be a 720 card cube. in october 2015 i reduc...
512 cards
1st Peasant Cube
Just developing my first cube. It has evolved from a pile of common only cards to save money on drafting(restricting it to commons helped...
540 cards
Udine 360 Cubo
Cubiamo a Udine ogni Venerdì in 4a Dimensione chi si vuole aggingere venga il venerdì lì alle 9.
367 cards
Erocc's 360 Cube
My first shot at a cube.
360 cards
Charles's Cube
Target is a 540 budget cube, nothing over $5, trying to get it even across colors then test draft to see what else needs to go. Feels li...
465 cards
Steven's Cube
720 non-powered
720 cards
Didgeri Dude Cube
Nothing comes between me and my Didgeridoos.
600 cards
J's Cube
A medium sized cube trying to support some of my favorite archetypes - tokens and tezzeret artifacts.
450 cards
Ryan's Cube
You may be looking at the card list for this cube and thinking....Yeah Right. Black Lotus? All Moxes? No way does this guy have all th...
777 cards