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Ben's Cube
My cube started life as the 720 cards from the original Magic Online cube. I allowed it to grow to over 800 cards and have since trimmed...
720 cards
Simon's Main Cube
500 card non-powered cube. Philosophy is to support archetypes more than rigid card counts and exact colour balances. I used to have a f...
505 cards
Bonda's Main Cube
Earlier I maintained a large cube of about 1000 cards. This was partly a historical thing, as it was a lot larger in the beginning (right...
540 cards
Champ Blankman's Cube
540 cards. Un, powered, proxy. Sideboards are a thing. Storm isn't.
540 cards
Started out as commons only; random non-common cards have been slowly making their way in.
590 cards
Winter's Cube
Total: 400 Breakdown: 51/colour, 65 artifact, 70 gold, 10 shard Powered?: Yes Proxy: Yes Un-cards: Yes, approximately 10% Functiona...
398 cards
Vibe Box's Cube
Optimally played with damage on the stack.
500 cards
Arjan's Modern Frame Cube
The cube is a primairly modern-faced cube. Cards don't need to be modern legal, but printed with a modern frame. I've made some exception...
600 cards
Kaleido Cube
My multicolour-themed cube! Please draft and leave your thoughts. Check out my MTG art and comics at www.derfington.com. Durdling ...
500 cards
Norl's Cube
Although not the only strategies these would be the primary strategies for each color group W - Agro U - Control (some tempo cards) ...
720 cards
720 Powered
10 YEARS RUNNING !!! A bi-weekly 8man draft will feed a year-end 32man Cube Event: On November 16th 2019 they will play a total of six...
720 cards
Rob's Cube
360, Unpowered, Aggro Supported
360 cards
Piccio's Cube
Designed for multiplayer mainly. Last update: Guild of Ravnica. Kalonian Hydra best score: 32/32.
785 cards
Modern Cube
Modern, but ignoring the ban list. And cards first printed in recent casual sets are fair game (Commander, Planechase). The goal of th...
366 cards
360 powered, with emphasis on fast, powerful games and a constructed feel. Lean and mean.
360 cards
The Anti Nwo: Complexity Cube
An anti-NWO pauper cube heavy on complexity, interaction, and decision making starting in the draft phase. (Conspiracies and draft matte...
540 cards
Modal Cube
The Modal Cube features cards with multiple uses and complicated board states. It challenges its players to carefully manage their resou...
360 cards
Ilius Chim's Cube
A work in progress. Trying to nail down the last of these super expensive cards.
540 cards
Haganbmj's Peasant Cube
440ish Peasant Cube - No Sol Ring, Skullclamp, Loxodon Warhammer, Library of Alexandria, etc.
451 cards
Mana rock/signet cube.
544 cards
Kenyon's Cube
Formerly Japanese Powered Cube.
720 cards
Rachel's Powered Cube
Hey guys Alex and Rachel here! This is our original cube. Probably in the first 25 or so ever built by anyone it was made around when Tom...
449 cards
The Peace Cube
A 360 Eternal cube
360 cards
[480 Cards][Unpowered] No cards that require 3 colors of mana to cast. No mana faster than Grim Monolith/Chrome Mox. No cards with pro...
480 cards
John's Cube
400 card powered cube.
400 cards
Steve's Foil Cube
Long term project, fully foiled good stuff cube, there are however many place holder cards until I can get my hands on the ones I would ...
400 cards
Wtwlf123's Cube
I aim to create the most fun, exciting, powerful and balanced custom limited environment that I can for my playgroup within the confines ...
540 cards
Alex And Rachel's Combo Cube
Alex Bertoncini here! The combo cube is my favorite of all my cubes. It's powerful and the drafting, building, and playing are all intens...
404 cards
Alex Bertoncini's Tribal Cube
Alex Bertoncini here! This cube is all about tribal. no hard removal outside of tribal themes. no swords, bolts, or planeswalkers. The tr...
521 cards
Planeswalker Cube
Planeswalker Themed Cube! This is a Vorthos cube with all the planeswalker flavor possible. Draft your planeswalker, build around him/h...
548 cards