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Nostalgic Vintage Cube (360)
By: angry323
As an old school player from '94, this cube pulls on nostalgic heart strings while keeping pace with new Magic: The Gathering releases. Balanced draft archetypes combined with old favorites like Serra Angel and Royal Assassin make for a fun draft environment! Dual & Fetch Lands! // Inventions! // Invocations! // SDCC Walkers! Non-powered // Singleton Description of archetypes: - Junk Reanimator: Reanimator is a super fun cheat-into-play strategy. This archetype requires three key pi...
Control Cube (286)
By: rudyards
A non-green cube designed to emulate control mirrors/various shades of control decks.
My cube (360)
By: hiufxa
Romular's (360)
By: romular
Main Cube
The Hypercube (534)
By: maluskarn
A semi-powered combo-riffic cube spanning pretty much every one of the 25 years of Magic.
Jacob's 750 Powered Cube (751)
By: thyeggman
An extra large cube focused on giving a variety of fun, powerful play experiences.
The Apex Cube (356)
By: dexter
Tags: Unpowered
The penultimate Magic: the Gathering cube drafting experience. A 360-card unpowered cube that can play like a Vintage constructed tournament or a Core Set draft. You can find the same cube over on CubeTutor as well:
Treachery Commander Cube (600)
By: dworld
Tags: Commander
Treachery is a custom political format where players are assigned teams and roles with specific goals to win the game, as opposed to a regular free-for-all. Treachery games are played with five players, separated into three teams: • The Leader's Team, comprised of one leader and one Guardian. Their goal as a team is to eliminate all other players. • The Assassin Team, which has two Assassin players. They win the game if they manage to eliminate the Leader player. • The last player is the T...
NQB8R 540 (323)
By: b8r
Tags: Powered
Cube (450)
By: funes
Casual Powerless (520)
By: mull2four
The Hexahedron (510)
By: jesseb34r
My version of the most powerful cube possible. Created in partnership with my friend Jeremy.
No limits, no brakes (342)
By: kov230
Custom cards, Silver border, Power, anything goes
LuCube (458)
By: lcc1006
Tags: Multiplayer
Fun, versatile, and sometimes broken cube. Our playgroup indulges in multiplayer games occasionally which explains some odd choices. Always looking for input on how to improve, always adding, editing, and testing new cards.
Basic Cube (222)
By: marceloabner
Power Cube (565)
By: cherudim
Tags: Powered
Powered Cube, focusing on powerful combos and synergies throughout Magic's history.
1125 - Powered, Conspiracies, Un (1120)
By: dojanovich
Tags: Powered
every card (17795)
By: m00s12
Tags: Powered
every card i'll try to keep this updated
The Hammer (360)
By: apollo
Cube of the Magi (360)
By: pox22
Tags: Powered
This is my combo cube. It focuses on engines, synergies, and emergent possibility rather than only A+B combos and pigeon-holed archetypes. 360 cards, minimal interactivity, and considering 5 Lore Seeker for 4-player drafts. Feedback welcome!
Multiplayer free-for-all (468)
By: pt
Tags: Politics, Goodstuff
This cube is designed to be played as a group game with an emphasis on politics. Cards tend to be higher cost, anticipate a slower game, and there is a preference for cards that take advantage of there being multiple players. The game is played with the monarch rule. I have been working on weeding out cards that slow the game down and encouraging aggressive/interactive play.
51Cube (600)
By: jarmst9
The cube for cubing
Marjhan's Cube (614)
By: marjhan
A glimpse of Magic's history, with at least one card from each set. Variations of the aesthetics of card visuals is important to me. (with old border being preferred) Everything singleton, down to lands and tokens. (a few tokens still do not have multiple art options)
Vintage Masters Cube (708)
By: jncasey
Tags: Vintage Masters
Jugend Cube (540)
By: hedon
Tags: Powered
An archetype-balanced cube with an emphasis on powerful synergies and player interaction.
BC WG 450 Cube (450)
By: bcwgnox
Main Cube (450)
By: jvermeylen
540 Powered (540)
By: rektifier
The CCC (548)
By: tychoselk
Tags: Commander
Welcome to my Commander cube (I know, how original) This cube is designed to support pods of 4 and pods of 8. In pods of 4 each player gets 7 packs of 9 cards with an additional commander seeded into each pack. In pods of 8 each player starts with 4 packs of 15 with two additional commanders seeded into each pack.
Martin-Truesdell 360 Strix-7 (360)
By: shawntruesdell