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Cube v3 (360)
By: starnoxiar
Ponder of this 2 (450)
By: tamehumans
RavniCube (360)
By: pandapajamas
Kartigan's Miser Pauper Cube (360)
By: kartigan
Tags: Pauper
ponder 3 (450)
By: tamehumans
China Cube (464)
By: keytwo
Tags: Powered
My powered cube filled with fake chinese cards and what not.
Synergy Cube (545)
By: keytwo
started as a budget cube; now it's a synergy cube. supported archetypes (from memory): dredge/graveyards matter, prowess, loam/wildfire/ramp/lands-matter, humans, robots, blink, aristocrats, and tokens.
Matt's Graveyard Shenanigans (452)
By: admiralzing
A graveyard based cube.
old ref (450)
By: agamemaker
edh cube (389)
By: xros
Nonsense Cube (540)
By: bhc
Mango's Pauper Cube (360)
By: mangopop
My pauper cube I own in paper. It's a mess, but it's a fun mess and I love it.
GRN+RNA (360)
By: meeko
Tags: Guilds Of Ravnica
Ravnica block before the war.
Ben's Cube (360)
By: superben486
Powered Legacies (634)
By: roborocket
Idea is to take a cube approximating the size and content of the MTGO Legacy cube, throw in power, expand the multi-color section, and increase fixing to see what happens. This should allow for busted stuff to happen sometimes, but by increasing the overall size of the cube compared to Vintage, fair-ish decks have a better chance of emerging and staying competitive. Archetypes include: White Weenie Tokens Spells-matters Reanimator Ramp Sneak/Breach Kiki/Twin Combo RDW Esper Contro...
Black Knights Modern Cube (360)
By: phyrexiantrader
Cube inspired by the modern format
Weatherlight cube (540)
By: worldleviathan
Beginner friendly old fogey depth.
Kubus (360)
By: chritical
de beste kubus
Hack and Slash (360)
By: tzenmoroth
Creature/combat focused cube. Lots of combat tricks, a lot of removal at sorcery speed, 2 for 1s ideally require combat.
Board Game cube (360)
By: a_graunke
Yet Another Pauper Cube (360)
By: hamberglar
Tags: Pauper
Modern border only (not necessarily modern legal), attempting to make a clean, fun, high-power (for pauper) cube. The low curve is intentional. This is meant to feel a little "low power", but I think the card quality is a lot higher than people are used to. Some colors have distinctly lower curves than others. White/Red < Blue/Black < Green.
My "The Pauper Cube" (419)
By: a_graunke
Tags: Pauper
Ravnica (640)
By: dawnriki
540 Powered (540)
By: dzindzi
Tags: Powered
Carla's Neo Cube (370)
By: ct
Singleton cube made with cards printed from Theros(included) onwards. There are provisional staples such as Lightning Bolt, which will be rotated out as I get more cards, as well as some lands outside the restriction.
Polar's No Eldrazi Pauper (360)
By: ct
- Pauper cube originally based on Adam's list. - No cards with names, art, flavour text, or symbols referencing Eldrazi. - Focus on combat - No vanilla creatures - No creatures with: protection, landwalk, hexproof, morph, horsemanship, shadow, banding - No artifacts with unlimited coloured mana ramp - Cards must be monocoloured. If another colour is mentioned implicit/explicit it is multicoloured - Limited number of "Just Win" cards.
bjdpauper (418)
By: ct
Tags: Pauper
Pauper Cube based on Adam styborski's list with minor substitutions.
Styborski Pauper Cube (401)
By: ct
Tags: Pauper
Slightly customized version of Adam Styborski's Pauper Cube for organization purposes (all 3 color cards and "draft matters" cards have been removed).
Zack's Cube (480)
By: ct
Powered Vintage Cube
Revotor's Cube (540)
By: ct
Tags: Powered
This is my dream cube I'm building up to.