Planechase 2012 :: Shardless Agent :: Cubes

Kleon's Peasant Cube (440)
By: scuqualo
This is a WIP cube made out of cards I own (so no proxies). It started out as a peasant cube but when Conspiracy came out I chose to add a few rares that interact with the drafting process. If you ask me I still classify my cube as peasant because I don't think those wonky rares are going to affect the cube environment much. The asfan of removal is based on Innistrad and Rise of Eldrazi limited formats so that control isn't oppressive but the format is slow enough that it's still a viab...
Cube v3 (360)
By: starnoxiar
Stump's Powered Cube (513)
By: stumps
Tags: Powered
450 Peasant (450)
By: dzindzi
Tags: Peasant
Alara imported (223)
By: dawnriki
Tags: Legacy, Alara
uCube (630)
By: milkscooter
Owen's Cube (383)
By: obersie
384 4x12 legacy-esque cube with some banned/restricted cards but with budget choices.
/540 (346)
By: elderdeepfriend
Microsealed (216)
By: goblinwelder
Nonsense Cube (540)
By: bhc
khanfidant (414)
By: khanfidant
Unlimited Cube (311)
By: gygaximus
Tags: Powered
Ben's Cube (360)
By: superben486
powercap (400)
By: metalrayn
Vintage cube (180)
By: captainroot
A small cube that consists of cards from all of Magic's history. Some pet cards and some Vintage, Legacy and Modern staples.
Small cube (360)
By: ct
This is my second cube. While I loved my big cube that focused on balance, unique drafts, and tried really hard to be close to a "normal" limited environment, I've been growing more and more fond of Vintage lately. I watched a few Vintage Cube draft videos, and while I don't own any power and can't suggest this cube is anything like Vintage, I wanted to build a cube a little closer to that kind of experience. This cube is small to ensure each card gets drafted in every eight-person draft and ...
540 Powered (540)
By: dzindzi
Tags: Powered
Tight Peasant Cube (354)
By: ct
Tags: Peasant
The Tight Peasant Cube My first cube has been tightened and defined across dozens of iterations and set releases. It boasts 10 archetypes that (hopefully) balance synergy, power level, and fun. I’ve put a lot of time into the list thus far, however, any feedback on card choices or suggestions will be much appreciated! Currently, each guild has a supported archetype listed below. The three-color wedges are not necessarily supported. However, there are consistent themes that can be drafte...
Troll's Cube (720)
By: ct
Enjoy drafting it and i hope that i can have your feedback when you draft it :)
Mega Cube (720)
By: ct
My 1st cube. It's stacked with multiple themes.
My Upgraded Cube (463)
By: ct
This is a cube to have fun while being competitive. I've seen competitive cubes, and I've seen fun cubes, but I wanted a cube that both types of players can sit down and have a good time together. I'm open to any suggestions!
Riptide Community Battlecruiser Cube (360)
By: ct
A community cube where each poster in the forum gets to contribute 4 cards at a time. Aiming for real big splashy plays. Could end up as a disaster, but there is what the experiment is for. Check out each person's submissions here:
Multicolor Cube (518)
By: ct
The idea of this cube is to make multicolored decks possible. Usually 3 colors are a given, giving players the choice between more cards, and widening the field of choice during the draft. However, this design requires more mana fixing. Since decks are built from 40 cards, but you draft 45, land picks are a welcome opportunity to improve the mana base. 6 dual-colored lands per combination and some additional ones provide enough flexibility to play any choice of color-combination. This cube h...
YeahBanane's EDH Cube for cockatrice (866)
By: ct
Tags: Commander
This cube is built for EDH cube Draft. I recommend using 7 packs of 15 cards when drafting. After drafting, the rules are the same as for regular commander : - 100 cards - Color identity - Command zone and commander tax - Vancouver mulligan Exceptions : - Banned cards present in the cube can be played You will need 2-3 hours to complete the drafting and the game, depending on the speed and experience of the players.
Battle Bots (539)
By: ct
Tags: Artifacts
Artifact-centric cube. Always pick Brass Man. Cards drafted as a set of 4 - Assembly Worker - Self Assembler - Myr Servitor
Zack's Cube (480)
By: ct
Powered Vintage Cube
Innistrad Cube (566)
By: ct
Innistrad Cube is designed to take advantage of the flavors, mechanics, archetypes, and themes of Innistrad. Drafting the original set was one of my favorite draft experiences, so I tried to replicate that experience in a cube format. When designing the cube, I heavily favored Innistrad cards wherever I could in order to keep the flavor strong. However, I also considered power level when making decisions as that is also important. The cube has about 10-12 supported archetypes which inclu...
Jimmy's Almost Modern Cube (495)
By: ct
A cube that started out as a modern cube and is slowly being powered up into a legacy cube.
Sten's Peasant Cube (420)
By: ct
Tags: Peasant
Aiming for 450 cards. Reworking the cube right now. Archetypes I'm aiming for: WU Blink UB Reanimator BR Sacrifice RG Fires GW +1/+1 Counters WB Life Gain/Drain UR Spells Matter (/Storm?) BG Graveyard Matters RW Go Wide GU ETB / Bounce / Value W Aggro U Control B Midrange R Aggro G Ramp
Ginger's Cube (447)
By: ct
Just a friendly first attempt at cube building. Feedback is greatly appreciated.