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Aaron's 450 Legacy Cube (451)
By: or4nge
450 Legacy Cube My playgroup 6 man team drafts 95% of the time. I aim to create a fairly standard cube experience. Nothing to zany with typical archetypes
Stump's Powered Cube (513)
By: stumps
Tags: Powered
Ponder of this 2 (450)
By: tamehumans
unpowered 360 cheap (360)
By: luna
Tags: Unpowered
ponder 3 (450)
By: tamehumans
Conspiracy Draft Cube (360)
By: petergenoff
cube of wonders (507)
By: byak
Tags: Powered
ninjatactician's Modern Horizons cube (945)
By: ninjatactician
Tags: Draft Innovation, Modern Horizons
Seral's Cube (485)
By: seral
u's cube (380)
By: metasandwich
Mardu Cube (540)
By: fabulousing
Das Cube (360)
By: bdosmalls
Tags: Unpowered, Small (360)
Started on a budget now we're here.
9764613 (469)
By: ophidianprincess
this is basic singleton cube, it’s lame and very not cool and not awesome.
Weatherlight cube (540)
By: worldleviathan
Beginner friendly old fogey depth.
Versatile Vistas (360)
By: petergenoff
SCGCON 10k (360)
By: kayden
540 Powered (540)
By: dzindzi
Tags: Powered
The Cube (360)
By: couches1
The Good Stuff Cube (338)
By: metallix87
Mobius' Legacy Cube (540)
By: mobius
Tags: Unpowered, Legacy
Containing cards that are legacy-legal only, this cube provides a fun and balanced drafting experience around cards old and new, balancing nostalgia with experimentation.
Miles' Powered Cube (416)
By: heftymolusk
Tags: Powered
MH1 (51)
By: pt