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Ravnica Cube (517)
By: ct
Cube focused on the plane of Ravnica. 95% of the cards from RAV or RTR blocks with a few extra thrown in there for balancing or spiciness. Primer -
Aaron's 450 Legacy Cube (451)
By: or4nge
450 Legacy Cube My playgroup 6 man team drafts 95% of the time. I aim to create a fairly standard cube experience. Nothing to zany with typical archetypes
Cubonito 450 (420)
By: berilio
Peter's Cube (555)
By: mixmastapj
Draftable Sets m14 forward, masterpieces/mythic editions included.
Cube v3 (360)
By: starnoxiar
Simple_Man's 450 Powered List (448)
By: simple_man
Tags: Powered
Ponder of this 2 (450)
By: tamehumans
RavniCube (360)
By: pandapajamas
ponder 3 (450)
By: tamehumans
Ertaale's cube (371)
By: ertaale
Modern+ Cube (600)
By: scorpiongreen
Modern cube, ignoring banlist. Encourages synergy over raw power.
Matt's Graveyard Shenanigans (452)
By: admiralzing
A graveyard based cube.
/540 (346)
By: elderdeepfriend
Mardu Cube (540)
By: fabulousing
Nonsense Cube (540)
By: bhc
Unlimited Cube (311)
By: gygaximus
Tags: Powered
Ben's Cube (360)
By: superben486
Das Cube (360)
By: bdosmalls
Tags: Unpowered, Small (360)
Started on a budget now we're here.
Weatherlight cube (540)
By: worldleviathan
Beginner friendly old fogey depth.
Abbey (450)
By: noratora
Ravnica (640)
By: dawnriki
Carla's Neo Cube (370)
By: ct
Singleton cube made with cards printed from Theros(included) onwards. There are provisional staples such as Lightning Bolt, which will be rotated out as I get more cards, as well as some lands outside the restriction.
Innistrad Cube (566)
By: ct
Innistrad Cube is designed to take advantage of the flavors, mechanics, archetypes, and themes of Innistrad. Drafting the original set was one of my favorite draft experiences, so I tried to replicate that experience in a cube format. When designing the cube, I heavily favored Innistrad cards wherever I could in order to keep the flavor strong. However, I also considered power level when making decisions as that is also important. The cube has about 10-12 supported archetypes which inclu...
Khrone Power Cube (450)
By: ct
This is my powered cube, trying to pimp it slowly. Suggestions on archetypes will be welcome
Jimmy's Almost Modern Cube (495)
By: ct
A cube that started out as a modern cube and is slowly being powered up into a legacy cube.
George's Cube (540)
By: ct
Cube made of random stuff found in my collection. Feel free to give any advice.
Ryan's Cube (360)
By: ct
Tags: Powered
Powered cube with a combo focus, tuned for 8-person drafts.
Dmnsp (450)
By: ct
cube with synergies
By: ct
lista cubo Uguzzonico, team SCUBATORI ECCELLENZA
Eric's Cube (405)
By: ct
I started building this cube in May of 2016. I've toyed with sizing, and have settled at 450 for now. Big enough to allow support for fun archetypes like superrramp and the artifact deck, small enough to not be playing filler. Big enough for variety, small enough for some measure of consistency.